TGI-Friday?s: More?s the pity their food does not match their great service at this Barbadian franchise

My vacation was just around the corner (So is my B’day – hence the reason for the holidays), and I decided to go somewhere different for lunch… I went to the long-touted Friday’s in Hastings.

Before my foot rested comfortably on the pavement to approach the entrance, the door opened for me! I was greeted by their Maitre’d who selected a table for me, chose non-smoking due to fighting off a cold (However, I have my own views on this smoking issue – that’s another entry), and my waiter for the afternoon was Chris…

Chris’ uniform and a waitress serving another table was deliberately funky – he wore suspenders or bracers as old-time Bajans call ’em, while she sported a cowboy hat and two long non-matching socks – both had the mandatory red & white striped shirts for the US franchise.

I chose for appetiser the Cheddar-stuffed potato-skins and a Friday’s Chicken BLT Club sandwich as Main Course with a half -portion of an Oreo Madness as dessert.

The opener was unfortunately like a West Indies opening on most matches nowadays, sounds good in theory yet rather lacklustre in delivery. The Cheddar was there in colour but not taste, same went for the bacon – as for the skins, they were better off used for making some footwear! The sour cream could have been Pond’s for all I could taste or not!

What about the ambiance itself? The decor does not reflect Barbados nor the Caribbean in the least, to my view, most of the references would skip straight past most West Indians, except for maybe a caricature statue of Barack Obama. There was an astronaut either for the MTV pastiche on introducing a music-video channel or it’s based on the original spacewalks by USA or USSR; a Sly Stallone reference to his Rocky series – which we sincerely hope he’s finished with, for once and for all; as well as other items that were supposed to convey fun but just made me realise that I am not in Christ Church anymore but a satellite of the USA. The decor should reflect a compromise or blend of where they have arrived and what they’re accustomed to – again, this is my view!

Now, the waiting service throughout was excellent – also, free refills on any soft drink so I got a Pepsi! As soon as one is downed, Chris teleports into view wanting to know if I need a refresher on that?

(This is a lot better than a dismal buffet at Accra the other day – the food was bland and to give you an idea of service? The waitress takes the dregs of her water-pitcher and poured it into my wife’s glass then tossed the few dissolving ice cubes into mine and looks at us both to say in a terse way that she’ll be back!)

After attempting the skins, I said bring on the sandwich – the food, due to its cement-like consistency is very filling – so when I went through the sandwich, I left behind the chips which were rather bland as well, no salt at all!

The club sandwich was an exercise in minimalist proportions – the chicken added to the sandwich was thin enough that I am sure if I took it out and asked you to put up some fingers, the meat would be so translucent that I’d probably be able to see how many fingers you held up! The mayonnaise layered onto the bread must have been spread with a micrometer – if it was 1mm thick then that was a lot! I ended up asking for some good ol’ Bajan hotsauce!!

I really felt like cancelling dessert and leaving, but I decided to stay the route and complete the meal… The Oreo Madness was the only item worth its wait! These were two huge Oreo biscuit-sides with vanilla ice-cream in the middle (Now I recall, I hope it wasn’t Flavorite, LMAO!) and cross-drizzled over with caramel and chocolate syrups! It was sinful, and I enjoyed every evil second!

Now, the grand finale – the bill was $60.75 for a solo flight, what the..? I have heard a colleague of mine say he carried his kid and their friends and they had a few buffalo wings and some beers and the bill was $200+!!

I guess I was paying for the service, it most certainly could not have been for the food!

If I return, it’s as a guest – despite incredible service, it did not feel like a Friday in the least, more like a Monday!

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  1. interesting! would have thought the food would be a bit better.


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