Samud Ali at Obskewer – His jokes were smart but some of the crowd was stupid

You ever been to a show with a Bajan audience? They STARE at you, don’t smile, say nothing then at the end of the event if you were more than halfway decent? They THEN applaud and behave like you were sliced bread on steroids and act sorry you are now leaving the stage!

Be it music, theatre or what, the reactions are about the same, so when I show appreciation IMMEDIATELY by clapping or hooting, then I get looked at as I were the one who is stupid! Here are two things which aren’t stupid for sure – one, Bim is back! “Is There Anybody Out There?” returned to Blogdom mainly at my pestering… I am honoured that I have so much influence, I miss her biting wit on Bajanity! Now, Bim says she’s back, then she needs to follow through!

The other thing which weren’t stupid was Samud Ali bringing back the art of Stand Up Comedy to Barbados (Of course, some folks may say what about Trevor Eastmond or Joe Tudor, that is an infrequent local standard, truthfully I am not very impressed by it – we are talking about a Caribbean version of the International standard introduced by the US decades ago, that even UK comics adopt and adapt like Lenny Henry), I was so glad to see him being David Letterman instead of Paul Shaffer at Obskewer – Surfer’s Cafe not so long ago. I also understand he’s doing Dinner Mysteries out at the Loose Cork in Bagatelle. These are good forays into breaking away from the Skitsomania mold which really and truly is the sole domain of Brian Smith.

It has only now sunk into my thick skullbox that Samud Ali’s “Stupid” had no newspaper nor radio ads! This event was sold purely via Facebook which is the latest online networking solution for young folk; in fact – Mojo’s has also used MySpace for Trey Lockerbie and purely Facebook for Cardea and other events, so the savings made on promotion and benefitting overhead at a small venue is phenomenal, since both MySpace and Facebook are free on the internet!

It was no surprise then that Mojo’s owner Phil Archer was there, Zed Layson among quite a few, some we’d have rather been left out, but we get ahead of ourselves!

The showtime was 7:30 pm but the reality was 8:05 so I killed some time trying the Crab Stupid-mosas (Samosas’ name bastardised into the title of Samud’s show that night) and having those with Potato Wedges. There were 4 Stupid-mosas and more wedges than I could eat in any lifetime, both were tasty no end and they came with dips – Obskewer’s service is top-notch! I was seated close to the bar and with a view towards the stage, would have loved a bit closer for photo ops, was offered but was still a ways off – chose to remain where I was.

he lighting was subdued for the crowd but you could hardly see him, hopefully spotlighting can be jigged better next time. I had to invent a chance for a better pic after the show, with a little help from Bim!

Sam did all of the usual topics a typical comedian would touch on – the recent Olympics and his childhood.

He said how he tried to weightlift as a way to combat bullies! All the while, the stupid audience is quiet, except for me…

Samud went to town on traditional fairy tales, he equated Snow White with a pimp – she had seven dwarves running a 1-900 parlour… The crowd went cold when he touched on the Bible, um, hello? I am sure half of them have taken the Lord’s name in vain so many times if their sins were to power a generator? That engine would run for 15 years without stopping!

went back to childhood how his parents would punish him – a belt or anything handy, even worse? If the grandparents said go cut a branch off the cherry tree! The crowd refused to admit anything so happened to them – what stupid liars! I can easily recall how my father lashed me every ten seconds until I found a pair of sunglasses he thought I lost (they dropped behind a bookcase), when they were located? I returned them to him and saved my allowance and bought my own damn shades, he wasn’t gonna beat me for a shitty, petty reason again, good Christ, I was only 11 at the time!

I think I’m cursing more than Samud did, I think he said 3 bad words if so much – and they were natural and understandable at each given moment, he was not doing gratuitous filth!

The crowd claimed they could not remember the standard format for a slasher movie like Hallowe’en, Friday 13th or Freddie “Nightmare” Kroeger as portrayed by Robert Englund!

Samud had it full on! I found his assessment very true to form, so in staying with film, Sam envisioned sequels where no one had conceived of them before – like the real reason the band on the Titanic kept playing; were they stoked? Saving Private Ryan again, like the Korean War or Vietnam… Then Gandhi as if he survived his assassination, LOL!

What I thought was one of the best parts of the show was his take on the War On Terror. Just “bomb” Iraq and Afghanistan with butchered swine, the Muslim terrorists would freak at what was flung down! The morning man from Love 104.1 FM also thought Caribbean politicians should handle Homeland Defense – (In Mia Mottley’s stentorian tones) “It is time we had a new approach on fighting this trouble, I am not saying what was done before is wrong! In fact, I like Bush!” The place actually broke up for a few seconds at that part!

Where the act endured too many challenges was when Sam tried to stretch a Q&A with the crowd, they lob a topic and he responds. I actually sought to HELP – I offered topics like the Budget, Toilet Seats – Up or Down & Customer Service.

They had a blond woman who was real damn rude and asked why he couldn’t leave and some character called Lulu who just would not shut up – I nearly told her to get to eff out if you don’t like it!

The show was wrapped up with Samud imagining if Pavarotti was alive and attempting to do Contone’s songs and looking at marriage – he suggested couples argue while having sex. Great idea! Perhaps next time, Samud should shorten the Q&A with the audience, increase the stand-up? I mean they think they’re so wonderful, maybe he should ask them to come onto the stage and do a guest stint on the spot – I am sure Samud would shut up many a heckler (I used to do that when at CBC, I’d say to the would-be detractor that since you know so much about TV then you should present the News one night and I’ll just be on the sidelines and take notes, you should watch them run after that, man – LMAO)!

I do not want Samud to give in to the stupid people who were there that night – he needs to plan a sequel immediately, what I think is – to update the era of his material… Dare to get political, hit both sides, there’s also the school issue now with the last single-sex schools St Leonard’s [boys] and Springer [girls] accused of underperforming and the newspapers showing how St Leonard’s and Springer pupils did well in CXC.

Leave traffic alone, it is done to death and that is all morons want to talk about, there’s more in life – Obama and McCain. Obama will boost Kevlar sales on becoming President, McCain becoming a Depends spokesman after the campaign, etc. That’s just me, but I may be stupid?

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  1. Listen Ian,

    The only thing STUPID about that show was YOU!! Trying to be funny and could not succeed!! That’s why you are picking on me because I WAS!!! Even though it wasn’t my show. And, the only character there that night was YOU!! You look like a cartoon character!! Keep your mouth shut, you dont know who you are dealing with!!

    And by the way, it is very STUPID that a big ex TV CHARACTER like you does not know the English grammar and a FOREIGN character like me has to teach you to write your own language properly. It is NOT “the other thing which WEREN’T stupid was…” It is, “the other thing which WASN’T stupid was…” I am appalled by your rudeness, with your abbreviation of the F word!! You wanted to ask me to get the eff out and if i was as rude as you I would be asking you to get the ras… back to school!!! STUPID MAN!!!

  2. I was not trying to be funny, left that 4 Samud… “dont know who you are dealing with” I deliberately used bad grammar, you just can’t spell! Oh, I is most scared – NOT!

    Incidentally saying “eff” is polite – (Also was done in Harry Potter, you from Slytherin?) something you *wun’t* know even if it bit you . . . . . .

    on where I know ur brain is located 😉

  3. hahahahahahahaha… love a fight!!

  4. Its great to have a critic who is not scared of saying what he or she thinks, i love it.
    Its what makes the world go around, so we stop and look at our selves. good on you both, keep it up.
    By the way i am Not affiliated with the SHIP IN at all.


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