For the record, I am fully aware that many Barbadians tend to view me as a “white” man… I know for myself while there are Europeans in my ancestry, there are also Africans and Carib as well, they ALL play a part in making me what I am. I do not view myself as Caucasian, yet I know many guests the other night were surprised to see me appear at what can be deemed a “black” event (Actually, there were no white folk there, Bajan or otherwise, sad), but I have only shown up seeking knowledge, and I have as much right to be there as anyone else. I paid my admission and learned what I learned. I chose to share it with you. I said this as some of my conclusions may irk certain readers out there, and I am pre-empting their declarations of outrage.


There were many revelations laid out the other night by Dr Ashra Kwesi at the B’dos Public Workers’ Cooperative Credit Union in Belmont. I have only now written of this topic as I made research to verify what I learned from the astute gentleman. Rather than simply rely on Google, I used three other search engines – Ask, Yahoo and AltaVista. I did so in order to make it as comprehensive a research for this amazing topic as possible.

For the most part, I sought to avoid using Wikipedia as a reference, as this is a domain which can be edited by the public at large. I state in advance I have found most elements, if not all, of Dr Kwesi’s lecture to be true or to have accurate bases – it is just certain conclusions he may have drawn from the knowledge which I do not necessarily agree with, and I will state why and it will be reflected throughout the whole article…

By which I mean that the appropriate links will be highlighting all relevant words and you can follow the bibliography in this manner – Dr Kwesi’s references will likewise be annotated.


Dr Ashra Kwesi is an excellent speaker and diplomat, if he had notes? I sure could not see them, before he began, he asked the elder folk of the room if he has their permission to continue, then he asked if there is a lady in the room who is pregnant but not yet at birth – there was – he also asked her permission if he could educate her yet to be born infant and thus he made himself an easy star of the night without having started the lecture.

He also is a clever guardian of his intellectual property rights, although it may explain why no Mainstream Media were present… Dr Kwesi had a slide which constantly ran before his talk began; it stated how no photos were to be taken of his slides/ nor any photos taken of him doing or during the lecture/ PLUS: no VIDEO of the lecture in any format! As all cell-phones must be switched off BEFORE he commenced.

This may have frustrated the Advocate & Nation for pictures and CBC for video, but what I did was to ask his permission, during intermission, as to if I could photograph him as he sold CD’s & DVD’s – I also made sure to ask only
after I bought a DVD & CD from the esteemed Pan Africanist… Of course, he assented. Again, I leap ahead of myself, but now we have cleared the minutiae, let’s examine the nature of his concerns…

The Pittsburgh native son started off the lecture by showing how Man as a people originated in Africa 160-thousand years ago and the remains proving this were dubbed Idaltu, after the Afar region they were discovered in. Dr Kwesi explained how ancient Egyptian had no vowels in its written language and you add them in via spoken word – the correct name for Egypt is KMT, or Kemet which actually is the basis for the word chemistry.

Fifteen thousand years ago, the first stellar calendar was developed – this was confirmed in the book “Black Spark, White Fire” by Richard Poe. A basic indication of Kemet genesis was then shown – Ptah was the architect God; Nut was Sky, Shu was Air, Geb the Earth and between them the 1st man and woman, Asar and Aset came into being. Asar had a brother known as Set, who was jealous and gathered 72 conspirators to murder Asar. Asar’s wife, Aset, appealed to the gods to bring back her husband and once this happened this led to the Kemet version of the Immaculate Conception… In that, a man and a woman, purely monogamous, led to the creation of Heru.

These were traced in illustrations and hieroglyphs which were painted into stone thousands of years ago and the colouring stood the test of time!

If you also examine what I recorded closely, you will pick up on traces of the following; the deadly sibling rivalry of Cain and Abel, Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and even the Nativity, since don’t forget – after Herod’s failed attempt to assassinate the infant, Joseph and Mary fled to? Kemet/Egypt!

What does this have to do with Masonic lodges, you may ask? Further on in the lecture he looked at the history of the Pyramids which matched not only the positions of Orion’s progression through the sky but also the placing of stars along what we call “Orion’s” belt, this led to looking at the construction of Ra Horemakhet – what the Greeks called the Sphinx.

All built manually, not via the help of spaceman – but I notice Dr Kwesi did not touch on the labour force for these projects… In fact, Kemet royalty decreed prisoners in addition to the people who later became Jews were used to build these mammoth monuments, I will look at the Semitic component again later on in this item.

Ra Hor’Em’Akhet, after thousands of years had a high development of sand or silt around it, when Napoleon came to conquer in the late 1700’s, it had reached the neck… But some claim the monoliths alone were what angered him and led him to vandalism, in Dr Kwesi’s view it was realising “the Sphinx” has a clearly defined black nose, and he ordered his generals to blast it off with a volley of shots which eventually led to the tradition of the 21-gun salute!

These desecrations happened many times and not with Napoleon alone, it also included removing the penis, which in Kemet is taking away a male’s power. These ghastly acts persisted in the USA, when lynching black males after Emancipation was a common occurrence, they would hang a man and wait until his member got turgid and slice at that very moment, damn.

This was mentioned in The Ruins of Empire” by Comte Francis DeVolney, in addition, it was explained that in timeless Kemet, when practitioners reached a level of proficiency they were advanced in a ceremony known as “Grip Of The Lion” which Freemasons changed to where when a brother became part of the fraternity he was raised up with one hand – in Kemet, this grip took place between the paws of the monument.

Another book, The Symbols Of Freemasonry” as composed by Albert G. Mackey, confirmed this and in a similar vein, Dr Kwesi studied the parallels between Aesculapius and Imhotep, even down to what Greeks call the Caduceus – the intertwined serpents on the rod leading to the third eye or Pineal gland; Imhotep created the stethoscope thousands of years ago and his scripting of the Eye of Horus is actually what led to the universal symbol of prescription… Rx!

Apart from Ra Hor’Em’Akhet, the pyramids were not commissioned by Cheops (Greek again), but from the following pharaohs – Akhet Khufu, Ra Khafra and Men’Ak’Aure Kha’Ket. I do agree that the original “Kemetic” names sound more powerful than the Greek bastardisations handed down over the centuries. The lecturer showed how the London clock Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Washington Monument were attempting to compete with the Tekenu in Kemet, what Europeans call the Obelisk.

This speaker has actually visited Barbados approximately 5 times now, he also looked at how the Solar Boat re-found in 1954 was not an actual vessel, this was a spiritual journey which inspired the legend of Noah’s Ark!

He explained how the Organisation of the Eastern Star, which has both male & female Masons, has the star pointing in the wrong direction and this can be misconstrued as worshipping evil – the lecturer is of the view that this may have been deliberately done to minimise the power of women in European civilisations since in Kemet the opposite
holds forth (Please see the beginning of article where pregnant woman was venerated). In fact the OES’ patron, Theosophis, is based on a female deity of Kemet who protects the sun as it rises.

Speaking of stars? The good ol’ Stars & Stripes from USA are in fact based on an “Egyptian” monument called the Stela of Ha Het, which is vertical and not horizontal. Hedjt Het Heru (It’s like saying Hedge Het He-Ru instead of hero) )is another symbol which made the basis of the Presidential seal although there are two other inspirations… The 4th degree of “Unlocking The Secret” and the 31st which is what ancient Kemet knew as the Hall of Ma’at or Ma’at Kheru that can also mean “Hall Of Truth.”

Another book referred to was Signs & Symbols of Primordial Man” by Albert Churchward, which also revealed the Nesi Amsu, a walk to stomp evil was the universal instigator of soldiers marching out on the left foot first and even the style – left/ right/ left/ right, etc.

This man had at least 170 slides in his presentation, among them photography revealing architectural puzzles like National Treasure (which is also about Masonic rituals and Egyptianwealth), like proving the same Washington Monument was in fact the apex of a plumbline as the city of DC was built. The plumbline being one of the main tools of a Mason.

Dr Kwesi also pleaded with black males to stop doing the “
Pimp-Walk” as this was the gait of a broken slave who dared to resist, to ensure they did not try to escape again, they were given heavy manacles to ensure their steps were short and thus the walk we now know. I am indeed glad he said so, never liked the walk either – now I know why (Although I did hear it referred to Alcatraz prison, either way, it’s a negative)!

The former UCLA professor also briefly examined Prince Hall, who it is suspected came from Barbados, and how he became a Mason via his former Master and he in turn started Lodges to set about freeing other Africans like himself. The first was 6th March 1775.

Not from USA’s independence from England, eh? Guess what, Washington apart from the Monument, ensured his funeral imitated the Ascension of Horus.

The doctor also tracked extensively the genealogy of Kemet Royalty, proving how “Egyptians” developed the first “janissaries” – Alexander when invading Kemet insisted his generals marry “Egyptian” women and have children, educate them Greek and made sure they stayed to teach other generations… Janissaries were baby Christians taught Islam into adulthood and trained as guards and sent to attack Europeans in the Ottoman Empire… Hatshepsut’s stepson when expanding Kemet thousands of years ago would gather children from the conquered districts and teach them the Kemet ways and send them back to do the same.

Dr Kwesi also examined how black people want to do anything but visit Africa now, and he cited an e-mail where a girl wrote to her grandmother how scared she as to see “Egypt” after watching The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Wiesz. He says when he first wanted to visit “Egypt” his uncles tried to make him drink a shot of whiskey until he regained “sense“! He also said “The Scorpion King” was the corruption of one of the earliest pharaohs who repelled invaders, Skorpion I, as recorded by Gunter Dryer.

The professor stated the fear of examining your own roots stemmed from a deliberate move on some Caucasians part to deny slaves the right to their dignity and was documented in “Intellectual Warfare” by Jacob H. Carruthers. However, Ashra Kwesi and his lovely wife Marira go to Kemet each year and will have costs listed on their website by October or November.

Dr Kwesi revealed that Pythagoras developed his theorems from Kemet education, Ipet Isut or Waset for short. He also explained in “Egyptian” masonry, it took 40 years to be a Grand Master, which was confirmed in E. A. Wallis Budge‘s “Dwellers Of The Nile“. The lecturer showed the parallels between Kemetic, Roman and Hellenic or Greek deities so that people would understand their own roots and not make the mistake in 1915 when the first all-black fraternity at Yale called themselves “Alpha Phi Alpha” when they should have become “Egyptian” instead!

Not surprisingly, after all this knowledge was dropped, there was a brief intermission!


I had a whole HEAP of questions but was only able to squeeze off a few before others came forward, and through their questioning made me learn more. Since Kemet had the first stellar chart what is the most accurate view of our solar system – eight, nine or ten planets? Is Pluto a planet, what about Chiron? In his view, the original nine stand…

What about the Ankh, while its representation can be found in the uterus, was it not also based on the death/birth of a star? Dr Kwesi – to my mind – danced around this, but eventually agreed in that the womb as a micro-universe reflects what goes on in the Universe or Macro-Womb.

The real juicy part of interacting with the Pan Africanist was examining the film he mentioned earlier – I posed how the same Napoleon spoke to the effect that History is written by the victors… The professor stated if the little Corsican did not say it, nevertheless he’d be sure to agree with it! Having reached an accord, I posed that this version of “The Mummy” was scripted by the conquerors and that in fact, it was the love story of an “Egyptian” wizard called Imhotep, who in seeking to reclaim his reincarnated lover, was willing to defend his claim with whatever powers available!

Imagine my shock when many members of the audience agreed with me, I thought I’d be stoned! Dr Kwesi was a study in consternation, perhaps because the crowd sided with my viewpoint. He said what if Hollywood wanted to portray Moses as an African killing demon, and I said that’s their prerogative if they wish to do so – they’re out to make money, even if by controversy. I was just showing that it is the perspective of the movie you need to examine before putting it down. At this point I had to step away from the mic so other patrons got a chance…

However in retrospect (Dr Kwesi had a habit of referring to films as Jew-vies as opposed to movies, which did not seem so complimentary), speaking to Israel and the Jews, if they are militant and victors of the Six Day War, survivors of not only the Holocaust but decades in the wilderness after fleeing enslavement in Kemet millennia gone by… Is it any wonder they are as aggressive as they are now? “Never Again,” the motto of the Jewish league – they are merely imitating their former oppressors; Nazis and “Egyptians“!

He was asked about “
Grimaldis” who peopled Europe and Asia, and he explained these were early African explorers who got trapped in the Ice Age and this led to the creation of British, Roman, Celtic in Europe just the same as Koreans, Chinese and Japanese over in Asia. In addition, Dr Kwesi was implying gorging on steaks was a European trait – yet studies of the Idaltu man showed part of his diet was hippo-meat!


At no point did the lecturer state that Masonry in and of itself was inherently evil, he was moreso annoyed that certain practitioners did not have the courage to state their source for the club, much the same way the Nation cribs from B’dos Free Press without sourcing it.

The doctor was also outraged at the blasphemy of ignoring that the majority of Kemet people are black, which falls in with Timothy Leakey proving Man started from Africa. He sees Japanese folk as successful in solving racial inequalities in that they were bombed almost to the Stone Age in 1945, yet in 2008 rule the world financially and technologically and black people need to rise and do similarly – he said in his view this proof of mental power, that telepathy exists – when you think of a friend you haven’t seen in a while and they appear, this is not coincidence, you summoned them and they responded!

He sees the issue of white-vs-black as a 2,000 year old problem but no 2 minute nor 2 century solution will happen overnight, but that mental power will play a part in making it real. I agree… However, I do not necessarily see ALL whites as the Enemy, no one should in fact! I wish all people would inter-marry so there’s one race and yet in a way we do not need to? If Asiatics & Europeans originate from Idaltu in Africa, then are we not all brothers? Should we all not try to cooperate? Hotep: Peace!

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  1. Thank you for this very in depth review, not only did I enjoy reading it but it has inspired me to do my own further research

  2. I’d love to know why you think your sources are not only credible but accurate for the article post? Dr Kwesi is a million times the academic you are seeking to portray. Peace, Hotep.


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