The Government of Grenada and Camper Nicholsons have agreed environmental issues are of paramount importance in the development of marinas and other tourism facilities.

During a meeting between Minister of Tourism Hon. Peter David and Camper and Nicholsons officials, environmental protection and preservation was discussed extensively.

Camper and Nicholsons General Manager Clyde Rawls discussed the steps Camper and Nicholsons is taking to ensure that the environment is protected. Camper Nicholsons has been in the yachting business since 1782. “We have a long tradition of environmental consciousness and advocacy,” the General Manager said. “We will adopt best practices from the marina industry and apply them here at Port Louis.”

In Grenada, we started by continuing the clean up of the lagoon. As you know there were old wrecks and other debris in the lagoon. We have done an extensive clean up which has resulted in significantly improved water clarity,” Rawls remarked. “During our construction phase we are also taking steps to ensure that there is minimal disturbance to the environment. This is reflected in even the type of docks we will have inside the lagoon. Many of our docks will be floating docks. These docks can be installed with minimal disruption to the lagoon bed. We have also provided facilities to lessen any adverse impact on the environment. Yachts in our facility will not be allowed to empty their waste tanks into the lagoon. They will have to connect to our pump out system where the waste will go to our sewage treatment plant,” Rawls explained.

Camper and Nicholsons will also put mitigating factors in place to ensure that the lagoon stays pristine. No environmentally damaging boat repairs will be allowed in the lagoon. Boat owners will not be allowed to paint their boats or do heavy repairs in the lagoon. They will also not be allowed to anchor their boats on the sea bed, which could disturb marine life.
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