Be careful on the ABC highway – Especially near Hothersal’s Turning

Got this tip-off via an e-mail not that long ago…

Yesterday morning between 11 and 12, ***** was driving his pick-up along the ABC highway in the area from Hothersal Turning to Warrens when a man rushed out from the central median brandishing a “big stick” and swung at the vehicle putting a big dent on the upright near the windscreen on the drivers side.

The man then ran off into the bushes on the other side of the highway.

Luckily the windscreen was not shattered and as there were few cars on the road ***** was not in danger of swerving into another vehicle when this occurred.

The incident did however give him a jolt to say the least and we thought it best to let you all know to be alert when driving along that particular stretch of the highway.

There was an almost immediate response –

This is probably the same man that threw a rock thru a lady’s back windscreen the other day – please be careful guys!

Don’t forget, Boscobel is alleged to approach being a No Man’s Land now, will we end up as another Jamaica?

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  1. This is all so sad, I’m a photographer so like to be out and about, I now don’t feel comfortable driving minor roads by myself, my husband comes with me when he can but why should we be held ‘hostage’ like this? and attacks on the ABC Highway? these people must be really desperate to attack cars on busy roads. Maybe when the central barrier is completed(who knows when that will be) it will be a bit safer.

  2. Also, if you follow the links in my articles – you'll see it's been going on from at least last year. Mainstream media and Police shy away from talking about it for fear of scaring tourists, but guess what?

    What happens to B'dos when visitors find it for themselves anyways??

    Isn't it better we talk about it 1st & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before the Mail, Telegraph or New York Times leaps all over it?


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