I am sure you recall earlier this month when I praised radio announcer Samud Ali for hosting an hour of stand-up comedy and barely uttering an obscenity (Incidentally, for stating members of the crowd were rude, I got cussed and threatened – see the Comments of that item in the previous link). Those who read this yet know me in private, may consider me “wut’less” in my humor, expression and talk – but all know when in mixed company I do as Romans unless otherwise indicated…

Like when Barbados’ fledgling spoken-word community decided to go insane and act as if they all had Tourette’s Syndrome at the erstwhile Limelight Cafe. I gave in to the order of that evening, yet when I even criticised myself, I got comments that I disliked the show for my own poor performance. It never entered their tiny brains that just as they were exercising Free Speech, so was I!

Why am I rehashing all of this? I got a tip from an old pal of mine about the so far internet oriented Got Bajan, whose blue&yellow car I see trundling everywhere in its patriotic colours. That is cool, but how cool is it to show near and far what we say in a bad moment? I know my daring to speak up will generate a vex word or five, another reason I recapped similar incidents…

This shirt highlights a popular epithet which the Merrymen sang about years ago – there was a tourist who was amazed at how everything was sold by Ras… He kept hearing how Ras sold this and Ras sold that, you get the rest?

That is all well and good, for a tourist who is innocent to the details, this MAY fly but actually list the word backwards? It then implies a forbidden nuance, and most folk have enough common sense now to try and reverse the letters and guess the significance…

What kind of image do we portray when attempting to woo overseas people to spend their downtime here? This is the same opinion I was emphasising last year during the B’town Film Festival when aspects of local cinema went out of its way to be oh so realistic… Using an abused expression and couching it in the form of a popular phrase used while playing “Wheel Of Fortune” can also beg the issue of copyright!

Even further, if Police are clamping down on Posters which promote violence, then how hard is it to expect a similar sanction against this kind of portable lewdity?

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  1. there is a bit of a fine line between being funny and being obscene. to me the st_pid c____ ones would fall into the latter half

    but then again french connection uk got people walking around with fcuk which i’m sure is real as another f word

  2. You are so on the button on the fine line! “Yuh Stupid. . . .” went over the top, but your are also on the money for FCUK – when it 1st came out I thought it was a bit much, unfortunately I was numb and immune to it after a while; that’s what I’m afraid of…

    Would this too pass? What are we passing on to children?

    Do we really have the right to complain when we didn’t even fix it before it got so disconnected?

  3. if you take that angle then things would just get out of hand. I say complaining can be done at any stage.


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