In August, we lamented how Credit Union folk got their Income Tax refunds faster than those who chose to get a regular cheque. It seems it’s no better at the end of September either…

Now, you cannot find out the progress of your cheque over the phone, you have to go in person to the Treasury… And the same little guard was there with her same snotty attitude (When I was parting the last time I mentioned to her while it’s nice to be important, it’s more important to be nice), rather than incite that temperament again I just said I am looking for the part of Inland Revenue dealing with tax refunds.

She tells me it’s the 4th floor so I thank her and head for the elevator whereupon she adds “YOU MAY PASS.” I would love to know what is up with her, she singles ME out for it – no one else endures that crap, I’ve seen it!

Now get this, she has no truncheon nor a TASER – she is in her late 50’s maybe 60 and four feet tall in stilettos if so much, and does not appear to be more than 75 lbs dripping wet (Actually, she looks like a wingless version one of those bug-ugly Flying Monkeys from Oz), WTF is she gonna do? I am in my early 40’s, 5 foot 11 and 3/4″, yes I may be chubby but I know some martial arts – is she gonna climb on her desk and fly in the air to drop a Vulcan Nerve Pinch in me? Ooh, I was so scared!

I ignore her sorry self and go upstairs and this time it’s a young bearded guy in his 20’s who greets me, he spots how my current ID is different from what they have listed (I’m now a naturalised Bajan since 2003) – what the girl who I dealt with last month also spotted and allegedly corrected and I say so.

He fiddles with the keyboard looks at the screen and tells me it is only now being processed and if nothing happens by the end of next month to check back!

CHECK BACK,” I scream, “OCTOBER? I FILED SINCE APRIL!!” Everyone at the Treasury jumped six inches when I yelled like that, sorry – I think…

I tell him this is ridiculous and the longest they’ve taken to issue a refund, I warn him and this is true – many people especially in Hospitality areas have threatened not file in 2009 until their 2008 rebates are provided! Truth be known I cannot blame them and I even feel like joining in… Taxes was what led to the creation of USA, if the Treasury and by extension Government piss off voters long enough, what with Road Tax and construction obstructing roads and cost of living PLUS a slow return on Income Tax refunds? Would you let even ME stay for another term? I don’t think so!

Inland Revenue needs to wake up, gulp some coffee and get cracking – or else!

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  1. damn! did they always take so long? I havent worked in Bim since 2000 and before that my working was sort of sporadic so I dont have much experience with income tax but wow this seems extreme.

    i filled late here and got my refund in 6 weeks.

    is this a sign that the barbados government is broke?

    ok pay per view fight you and the security guard where do i sign up?


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