Saturday I was on a lunch-break and decided to do something different from the usual souse at Argyle Austin’s at Simmon’s Land. I went for ice cream, decided to try the place behind Tri Mart at the corner of Worthing & Rendezvous… Why??

I walk in, take a glimpse at the menu and ask if they have bottled water (So as to avoid brainfreeze) and she tells me to go check the supermarket, that threw me for a loop but I stick it out and decide on a Sundae with two cinnamon twists, and this is what the attendant says before securing my money – “This en’t tek ‘way, y’hear?

I thought I was imagining or over-reacting, and let her know that’s okay I want to eat it t/here anyhow. I get the Sundae and twists – the ice cream was first, then as I was about to nibble, she hollers – “Ian, here is you other part!” I know my eyes must have gone wide as Japanese Anime or Manga, I mean, I know I’m well-known, but I never met the girl and she talks as if we colleagues far less family? Sigh, as it is, the Coffee ice cream in it is just brown Ice Cream, but the Strawberry Shortcake is flavourful even if resembling a melting tampon!

Now I was thinking of looking at my e-mail which I had not really browsed at work during the week – but before I can ask, she starts browsing her Hi-5 correspondence as if I am not there, all the while blaring into her cell-phone to some buddy, I swear the glass was vibrating with her voice! She was making sure folks called her from their cells so her card did not get “eat ‘way“…

Incidentally, I heard on the radio ad if you spend money at these same folks, you get free Wi-Fi while snacking, what they do not explain is that it has to be at least $20 for 15 minutes of access, wow, what generosity!

When I finished my repast, I came up to ask for a cup of water and was sipping it and going to pick up my wrist-pouch (Some say Male Purse, hate that!) and she blurts at me, “Hand me them container!” By now, I was really stunned… “Huh?” “Them,” she jooks a finger at the remnants of my afternoon [sic]delight and repeats, “Them container there, Ian!” She spoke like if I just stepped out of Thelma Vaughn

By no means do I want the girl fired, in fact, the employers are at fault for not ensuring the staff have requisite interpersonal skills so as to guarantee at least a return visit, as far as I am concerned? They ALL need some Dale Carnegie in their crutches! I hear there’s a meeting at Southern Palms at 7:00 pm on Friday nite!

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  1. i dont know her but I had a similar attendant at a downtown internet cafe last time I was home. horrid horrid interpersonal skills and these people are on the front line of dealing with visitors. shame


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