Why is the B?dos Commission of Inland Revenue taking so long with Income Tax Refunds from April? Why do Credit Union users get preferential treatment?

I have filed early for taxes since I got married, like April 15th or so (TRANSLATION: wife does taxes damn early and usually bullies me for percentage as reward for getting early and healthy rebate), and as a result – I usually get the dough by June, middle or late but June all the same…

Until this year – last year, I decided to get the refund sent directly to my bank account but that was end of June, so I said I going back to my old way of taking a cheque for 2008. Sigh! What a doofus, now here it is that August nearly gone and still no loot?

What is even worse, is that any member of the Public Workers Credit Union who asked for theirs as a direct deposit got theirs in a lightning swift MAY, yuh ramgoat! If you use the ATM and see an account marked ITSA – that is where the tax rebate was supposed to be slotted.

What I’d like to know is why do BPWCCU users get preferential treatment – ironically, I am a member but I wanted the money direct in my hand and I know many people are boiling! In the hotel and media sectors – I even know of a few media houses that are planning to do an extensive investigation into this heinous delay… Inland Revenue? Yuh better cough before you embarrass Davey, y’hear muh?

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