Over in Belmopan, 7Belize-News has been busy and spoke with Police there concerning the accident involving a US basketballer and his hip-hop galpal, they made an intriguing discovery –

Crispin Jeffries, Assistant Commissioner
?The Commissioner of Police received in writing from the Director of the Youth for the Future a request for a police escort for a, ?basketball star.? That request like many other requests was provided and during the escort of that vehicle, there is a written report on my desk where the corporal in charge of the escort was saying, or is quoted as saying, that they had already overtook a truck that was in the path way, travelling extremely slow. However an oncoming vehicle, passed the police vehicle with its siren blaring, and did not slow down or stop. This did not give the following vehicles, the number four or number five vehicles in the motorcade to pass the slow vehicle. That driver, according to the Corporal went across to the other side of the road, going off the road in an attempt to avoid an accident and the speeding oncoming vehicle collided. That is the information I have in writing from the police.

The matter is under investigation because the driver in the motorcade attempted to avoid an accident. There is some provision that the police was using the siren and it was in one direction. The oncoming vehicle did not slow. That is a matter for the DPP to direct us on.?

Meanwhile, the boys who were injured, are still without proper medical attention as their father who was also involved in the collision – is now unemployed as a consequence of the mishap…

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