{U P D A T E #3} Bella – **FOUND** Corrie Scott’s find to be repatriated & Star STILL needs a human: URGENT HELP AS IN LIKE Y’DAY

That’s two dogs saved, but Mikko remains missing (BTW: Mikko’s reward is now bumped up to $1,000 as the retriever is still AWOL) – this weird weather with the thunder is scaring the bejesus out of dogs, owners need to keep a close eye on their babies as I understand even 6′ tall fencing is useless with a terrified large canine, they’re able to leap obstacles in a single bound, propelled by fright – but thankfully, Bella, the Mastiff is now ok too…

Thanks for your prompt response – miracle of miracles, Bella found her way home sometime last night and we were greeted by her bark this morning – praise God, three stressful and anxious days ended!

PLUS – I got word on this as it is known how I am a severe feline addict (Hey! Please leave that alone, this is a G-rated notice, Ok?), but my clan are very touchy about who participate so if anyone else can welcome this delightful puddy-tat??

This cat has to be out of the apartment soon, as they are going to rent it; Thanks for anything you can do.

Remember when Corrie Scott noted photographer/artist found a blond male dog on Spring Garden? It seems he was bashed pretty badly, but he is mending and due for a new lease on life, this is what she told me –

Blondie, now known as Springer as he was found on Spring Garden has hit the jackpot after his accident. My houseguest Jane, last week, took on the expenses of fixing Springer and this morning after visiting him at the vet has decided to go through with the chip, vaccines, and papers for taking Springer to England.

It will be a 6 month process but we feel that he deserves a life as he was so stoic and trusting that he must be given a chance. He is probably going to be put at Sue Blandford’s place for his recuperation period as he has to be kept as still as possible for 2 months for the pelvis to heal.

He has a broken femur, dislocated hip, broken pelvis and bruised chest but is bright eyed and wagging his tail once more. Wonderful news as no one has come forward to claim him even though we have all tried to find his owner.

I wish I could find the pendejo who hit that innocent creature, I would tell you what I’d do – but then I’d get arrested because I’d have to eliminate all traces of knowledge to the retribution

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