Is it true ZIN is going to announce its FAREWELL TOUR, this year?

Buzz is moving about that Haitian-based group ZIN is planning a FAREWELL TOUR observing the end of an era. Since members in the band have steady jobs, they can afford to do it.

Like how Alex has his own business, Eddy is teaching both High School and College, and Alan is going for a solo career after the FAREWELL TOUR.

Many old members are slated to be part of the ADIEU ZIN TOUR. If it’s true, we are talking about a very huge project. Miami,New York, Boston, Montreal, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Paris, Senegal, and the last one will be Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre – Tabarre, Haiti.

Let’s wait for the official announcement and schedule, if it’s really true.

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