EXTRA CROP OVER FEATURE – 2 videos and comparison of Bajan to Nevisian Calypso attire

What was Adrian’s initial reaction to his victory in the wee hours of August 2nd? We tried to get closer, but Mac Fingall’s microphone drowned most of his remarks…

When that didn’t seem to work, Bajan Reporter at least sought a close-up of AC inside his new ride (all my cars have been Toyota, so it holds a special place in my heart, LOL), but he did not start the engine – I do not know if he has a license yet… But he better budget his victory fee, remember – Road Tax is now $400!

As you saw in the video, after competing, Adrian went the route of polo shirt and jeans, as do many folk in the Tropics… But when he is on stage doing the do, then it is a different story… (From what I see of Grenada, they dress up like we do)

The same can be said for Blood…

As well as Mr Impact (who wore the Barbados flag Upsided Down and USA came 1st, GASP)…

But the guys in Nevis for the most part dress as if they’re another day in the sun – which do you think applies?

Not everyone in Nevis believes in dressing down for competition –

But from when I was a boy, I always recalled the Bajans dressed to the 9’s, my man!

Nevertheless, how many designs can really be created? Don’t Classic and John King look like family despite from different tents?
In some ways, I understand – as there are 5 points for Presentation, but if the song is strong enough, do you really gild the Lily with a costume? But, even the lone female competing tried to have on a special outfit as such…

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