Have you ever felt like your life was missing something? What if that something that is missing from your life others has purposefully guided you away from, so they can benefit from your frustration and insecurities?

Have you been jumping from institution to institution or belief system to belief system? Do you have questions that are unanswered about spirituality and the world?

Well here is your opportunity to understand and experience two of the ancient spiritual systems created by people who look just like you…

Systems that are responsible for humane development far above and beyond any that the western world has produced. If your life is full of these questions, you want to be at this event.

Come out and sip from this cup of ancient knowledge and you may be inspired to live life more abundantly.

All are invited to attend a special lecture and discussion on Afrikan spiritual systems.

Khemit Konnections will be discussing how Afrikan spiritual systems can help you find and live your life’s purpose, brinbing you peace, joy and fufillment on many levels.

Yeyefini will be available on Monday and Tuesday to do one on one consultations but you need to book. Space is limited! Flier with details above. Call Oneka at 822-3694 for more details

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