Crime Prevention Tips for the Crop Over Period – A message from the RBPF

The Royal Barbados Police Force is advising all persons who are participating in Crop Over activities, to be mindful of their Properties, businesses, personal security and wellbeing. Here are some useful guidelines you can act on immediately –

Business Communities:

1) Be aware of persons watching the business and loitering on the premises

2) Ensure that there is good visibility of your surroundings.

3) Pay special attention to escape routes.

4) Refrain from keeping large sums of monies on your premises and be cautious when removing cash from one location to another without the appropriate security.

5) Make sure that all alarm mechanisms and close circuit televisions are functioning appropriately. Consider installing these systems if your business does not have.

6) Make eye contact when interacting with customers.

7) Make records and inform the police of suspicious persons or vehicles.

8) Make regular checks around your business premises.

9) Trust your instinct: – if something seems out of place, or someone makes you uncomfortable, respond appropriately by reporting it.

10) Adequate security personnel should be on hand.

11) Remove objects or articles from around the premises, which can be used as implements to gain entry or as weapons.

12) Familiarise members of Staff with the details required in the description of suspected persons.

13) Managers must employ proper security measures when handling and conveying pay rolls.

Advice To House Owner And Property Owner

1) Make checks on security mechanism (locks, bolts and latches) and ensure all are in working order. Replace defective items.

2) Check regularly, windows and doors to make sure that they are intact.

3) Make sure your homes are totally secured before leaving

4) Keep your hedges and vegetation below window level.

5) It would be an excellent innovation to have your property marked through the police property marking exercise. If such was not done, you should make a list of your valuables to include model and serial numbers. One should also photograph these items.

6) Report suspicious activities, persons and vehicles to the police.

7) Do not publicise that you are away from home.

8) Ensure that there is proper external lightning, e.g. motion sensor lights.

When looking after your personal safety and security as you move around Crop Over, the following tips should be considered.

1) Trust your instinct – avoid uncomfortable situations (If something or someone seems out of place, report the matter immediately).

2) Where possible, travel in groups.

3) Avoid desolate or bushy areas.

4) Use well lit areas especially at night when walking.

5) Minimise the amount of cash, money, jewelry or other valuables that you carry around.

6) Stay alert at ATM’s, and if there is a need to use them at night, ensure that the lightning and physical structure is conducive to safety.

7) Park in well lit areas and ensure that you secure your vehicle properly.

8) Where relevant, place your valuables in the trunk of the vehicle or out of sight of passers-by.

9) Call the police emergency number 211 in case of any criminal or suspected criminal activity. You can report any crimes seen by telephoning 429-8787 without identifying yourself.

10) Finally, don?t be a HERO. Be aware, be careful

Thanks for your attention and have a safe and secure Crop Over.

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