Citizens in Defence of Grenada?s Lands and Heritage have made a Request for a Meeting with new Grenadian PM: Await Reply

Now that Grenada is in different hands, many Spice Islanders are waiting to see if it is S.S, D.DSame Story, Different Day (Hah, betcha thought I was gonna say something else, huh?) – or if there is indeed a new dispensation abroad!

An environmental special-interests group known as the Citizens in Defence of Grenada?s Lands and Heritage are hoping their still-shiny Prime Minister will hear them out as they have many grouses indeed, here’s their list –

Citizens in Defence of Grenada?s Lands and Heritage, extend our heartiest congratulations to yourself and the National Democratic Congress on its success at the recent general elections. We welcome your team to office and extend our very best for a successful tenure in office which will redound to the benefit of the people of Grenada.

We take this opportunity to formally request a meeting at your earliest convenience with you and the members of your government responsible for the following ministries:- Lands, Physical Planning, Tourism, Economic Development and the Environment.

We believe that it is imperative that a number of steps be taken with immediate urgency to halt the damage being done to our physical and cultural environment by a number of current development projects undertaken by local and foreign investors.

As a pre-requisite, we respectfully submit that the Amendment to the National Parks and Protected Areas Act and the Amendment to the Alien Land Holding Licence Act be repealed with immediate effect. We further submit that:

1. All major foreign .local investments be put on hold pending a forensic and environmental audit.

2. All ongoing projects remain suspended until this audit is concluded.

3. Particular attention be given specially to the following projects:

Port Louis

Mt. Cinnamon

Levera Resort

Mt. Hartman – Hog Island

Calivigny Island

The Residence proposed for Grand Anse Beach

The development of site of the former Riviera Hotel

The St. Patrick?s Port Project

Calivigny Cove

Zublin Port Project

The team assembled for the audit should include the following persons: a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, an architect, a sociologist and experts.

We further recommend that regional and international institutions such as the OECS Economic Sustainable Development Unit and the relevant United Nations agency could be asked for assistance in conducting these audits.

We look forward to a reply at your earliest convenience advising of a date and time for the meeting.

Please accept our best wishes.

Respectfully yours,

Sandra C.A. Ferguson

For Citizens in Defence of Grenada?s Lands and Heritage

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