Belize Family distraught after accident – Hoopster and his Diamond Princess head for USA in separate flights

For those who follow Belizean matters, we recently explained how American basketballler Kenyon Martin and his hip-hop boo Trina (known for hits likeShake Your Money-Makerreferring to the derri?re) were passengers and possibly eyewitnesses to a head-on collision in a motorcade which is yet to be established if it was authorised….

Now, a father and 2 sons have been left on the lurch; hoping to try and fend for themselves, as we learn from 7 Belize News

Jennifer Robinson, Grandmother of Injured
?They have bruise and a broken ribs George had gotten, a spleen is damaged and the fingers on the left hand also is damaged. And Dylan, on his both knees, he has cheeks right now, he cannot eat or drink well because the splinters damaged his face so he cannot chew.?

The Abrahams say what?s added insult to those injuries is that since leaving the accident scene on Friday, neither Trina nor K-Mart has bothered to look back.

Jennifer Robinson,
?I am angry because no one at all, not even the police men show support. The people they caught in the accident with them and none of them have come back to the family to this day which is today Wednesday. No one has come around to say, to ask, or to apologize for what is happening or what they can do. Dylan is suffering so much, George is suffering also. He cannot sleep in the night so it is hard for us.?

George Abraham,
?I think because me and my kids are nobody, that is what I think. We are nobody to them but to my family and everyone well else we are somebody. I am going to deal with this in the proper way and let the law take its course and see who is going to do something about it.?

The sad thing is Abraham is now without transport and this is how he earns bread on the table for his two young boys. The athlete and entertainer were in Central America to assist young people of that territory and now when it matters most, they failed miserably… At least one of the organisers, who brought the couple there, plans to check up on the children –

George Abraham,
?Man to be honest with you … they said they came here to help the youths but my kids are youths too. At least they could have the hearts and say let us dig around, because Belize is not a big country, it is a small country, find around and see where I live, see what happened to the kids. My kid loves basketball ball too, as a matter of fact he wanted to go to the thing that the basketball player had but with the injury he couldn?t go. They could not even come and say if the kids are okay. Show some kind of support.?

George Abraham told us that apart from his and sons? health – his pressing concern is economic. That is because his minivan has been totalled which means he cannot work since he provides courier and taxi services. Abraham maintains he was in the right but police have told us they are still investigating. We couldn?t reach Eugene Jex – the driver of the Excursion for comment. We have to note that before leaving the scene ? Trina did go over and check on the injured children. Also we have received reports that an attempt was made to see them at the hospital but they weren?t admitted. Again; neither K Mart nor Trina were driving. Dianne Finnegan who is one of the organizers of the trip says she plans to visit the children and has made that known to the family.

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  1. just for claification sake who was at fault in the accident?

    I can understand abrahams concern about being treated as a nobody but maybe k-mart ad to run home to deal with his wife or maybe him and trina are afraid that they be held liable for the accident.

    somebody should help mr abrahams though


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