Popular Barbadian snake-hunter and founder of the Caribbean Herpetological Society Damon Corrie, has an offer that he thinks all Bajan Poultry and Agricultural farmers, exterminating companies & especially the new David Thompson administration – should take into serious consideration:

Instead of wasting money to buy pesticides (which pollute our environment) to kill certain creatures considered pests in Chicken pens and in the crop fields – sell them live to Corrie and make extra profit instead.

I am always thinking of ways to save living creatures, provide extra income for others AND myself at the same time, a 6 inch centipede (which infest Chicken pens) that is killed on site in Barbados could be sold alive to me for $4 and spend a long well fed life as a pet for someone in North America or Europe. Brown and Black Beetles that also congregate around Chicken pens are worth .25 cents each, large ‘Knockers‘ burrowing roaches are worth .20 cents each, and smooth brown, black or green caterpillars (nothairyones) are worth 5, 10 or 25 cents each depending on the size. There is a lady in my neighborhood that earns $100 per month from her kitchen garden just selling me the caterpillars she collects from her plants, this is not a joke; it is a serious supplemental income opportunity.” Corrie said.

Corrie went on to add “I could put thousands of dollars into farmers hands at this time when additional income is vital, but the only thing limiting my potential is co-operation from the authorities; I want to import and captive-breed on my property harmless non-invasive insectivorous species of reptiles & Amphibians purely for export to North America and Europe for the pet trade – and this would require me to purchase much more ‘pests‘ than I am at present; the end result would also assist this country earn additional foreign exchange, but permission has not been forthcoming as yet. During the last DLP administration senior politicians who know me personally saw the potential of the win-win scenario I outlined and were very supportive… but governments changed and my ideas were put on the back burner by the victors. I am willing to purchase a $500 Private Keepers licence if necessary and agree to regular inspection and oversight by Veterinary Services.

We have had cases in this country of politicians with no Ornithological experience whatsoever being granted permission to import Ostriches (the largest bird in the world), so I do not think it is just or fair that with my 20 years of experience with Reptiles and Amphibians and Invertebrates that I should not be afforded the opportunity to utilize my skills in a way that would benefit hundreds of other Barbadians.”

Any farmers interested in selling their ‘pests‘ to Mr. Corrie can reach him at 228-0227.

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  1. reminds me of the old mahogany birds skit


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