How raw is too raw? When Le Mot Juste became Le Most Cuss – Limelight Cafe unexpectedly hosted dirty talk with minors present {PG-13}

I have done many a deed that could make even a demon blush, however, when I commit such acts it is with either with a consenting gal and all necessary paraphernalia and/or there are no witnesses… In other words there is a time and place for deeds not daring but rather flaring as in cursing/scatologia.

So after outlining my concerns earlier this year when Iron Sharpen Iron had cursing for cursing’s sake, I was rather stunned when Le Mot Juste decided to follow suit and walk down the same ignominious path.

Even myself, got caught up in the frenzy, when I tried horridly to do a guest slam… Yes, I know I cannot slam but everyone kept asking for me to do it – those who slam, perform! Those who cannot? Review or comment, which is where I should have stayed. My topic was ONE NIGHT ONLY and when I sought a rhyme for “nite,” guess what? I used ye olde time Bajan word, sh**e!

But that was far into the night, before intermission (I say that for a reason), the show started well with Maxim – our friend from Sarpignan, who as always blew the audience away, here’s his video – the L10 makes a real difference!

Then after the music, the spoketry; spoken poetry, began. Gibsy, from the group Az-Man went up on stage with Matthew Murrell to do what seemed to me like a caustic version of Adrian Green and DJ Simmons (it was a twisted mirror version of their theme forIron Sharpen Iron“). Their doggerel was called “Rawness” and in it they were quite denigrating for women.

Khalil Goodman in the Friday edition of the Barbados Advocate called it “depraved” and his co-worker Alyson Holder left the front row and got herself a drink. “Rawness – no lime and salt can fresh this!” or a phrase to that effect, precise journalism does not live here, kiddies, if that scares you? Boo, go ‘way!

At no point in the evil little dreck was a reason given for all of the “Rawness” so it can only be assumed it was done purely for “Rawness’” sake? Alicia Small had a nasty look at virginity being taken and Daveney Ellis from CBC tried to show how raw he was by declaring he’d have anal sex without Vaseline with either Gibsy or Matthew’s girlfriends, why? What does it prove?

If I want to get washed in cuss, there are numerous options – go to any fish market here, stand on Nelson Street, watch a Richard Pryor DVD or rent Eddie Murphy’s “RAW“! There are clever ways to curse and not seem so which, ironically, is exactly how Matthew Murrell won the slam with the story of his walking about barefoot!

He’s 6’5″ and his shoe size is like 17 – since it is such a task to find his correct shoe he goes unclad and thus he declares, “I don’t give a foot!” Now, that’s funny and clever – “You can suck my callous!” may be real borderline but it can still draw many a snicker.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, what if a young cop wishing to earn his spurs was sashaying by and heard Limelight and decided to close the whole place down? What then? Better to use near-cursing like Matthew’s baring his sole! If I step out of line at a karaoke, and I have – like trying to do my own version of Julio and Willie’s “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” then the host has no problem in letting me know I better watch it!

Kojo Alleyne and Selena Thompson were a gleeful part of the bad-wagon; “Santa” from Kojo is like Shrek on LSD and is a twisted departure from childhood to adultness with more vileness added, while Selena imagines telling construction workers that make catcalls at her to “CARRY YUH C**T” which, if done in reality would stop those naughty builders right?

Yet Selena can actually get sentimental and praise her BF and declare that her love for him is “so so so so so so wide, that the Equator is too tight,” and the audience exploded in approval!

Melissa Goddard and DJ Simmons can slam without being vile. Melissa savaged the media with “A Cry For Help In The Midst of Silence” which lambasted the ridiculousness of call-in programmes since the media does nothing but what politicians declare as being safe to do, in and out of voting-season.

DJ Simmons gave tribute for Enricco Bohne and Le Mot Juste, while another great part of the show was Aisha and Sankofa who are a father & daughter team – he drums and she sings and boy does she sing! She is 17 but can interpret India Arie’sI am Not My Hair” superbly and also has original tracks like “Don’t Touch” or doing “Golden” from Jill Scott and her own composition “Music” as an encore. Stefan Walcott guested on keyboards and Maxim provided bass.

I spoke to Aisha and was not surprised to learn that while Jill and India are in Aisha’s songbook, so are Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee!

That was during Intermission…

When I discovered two kids between 12 and 11 were present (Enricco Bohne looked shocked but did nothing about it).

That’s 2 kids too many. What standards are we setting those children? Granted they may hear worse but if no one draws a line, should we be surprised when these same kids are so wild that they draw a bead – on us?

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  1. Bourne Lying

    As I strive to be an honest person, I will admit that I am not sure, however I believe that it was partly jealousy that caused Ian Bourne to bash almost every performer at the last Le Mot Juste show – Let it Flow.

    I have selected jealousy as his reason because despite his later sentiments, he was somehow inspired to contribute to the show by entering the “slam” competition, where persons are given very limited time to come up with their most creative lyrics based on a random topic given. Basically Mr. Bourne’s contribution to the slam was one which was infested with a lack of talent which other people would have used as thier excuse to anchor themselves to their seats rather that choose to be publicly humiliated, but Ian Bourne decided that his Santa Claus waistline was not a spectacle enough and that he wanted to show people more of what he had to offer. After saying several times that he is “no Gibbzydan” (therefore admitting to being much less skillful than the performer, Gibbzy, who competed in the slam and flowed smoothly as if to match the theme of the show) Ian Bourne bumbled a couple times and then opted (wisely) to say goodnight rather than talk any more “shite”.

    I do wish that he would have continued on that wave of silencing himself rather than spewing refuse which is what he has now done by means of his blog.

    I have no problem with someone having a negative thought about any topic, even my own poetry, as long as there is sound reasoning for it, however, taking things out of context, mis-quoting and flaw hunting seem to be Mr. Bourne’s forte. With the amount of lies and misleading statements that I have seen in his short comments, I wonder if there was any accuracy at all in the Evening News when he used to read it for CBC.

    It seems that he has allowed his ignorance in the arena of spoken word and its performance world wide to cause him to believe that any form of “cussing” is uncalled for when performing, when this, of all genres is one of the most liberal and includes all aspects of life as seen by the performer. It is ironic that he is allowed to say what he feels like, truth or not, but the ones with poetic license are supposed to fit into his definition of THIER genre.

    I heard Enricco Bohne advertise the show with words of caution, stating there would be full poetic license and that no minors were to be allowed to attend. I.B. acted like he had never been to a le mot juste show before and I am positive that this was his way of striving to be negative because he said negative things about a poem that I had performed, when at an earlier Le mot Juste He PRAISED the same EXACT piece.

    The fact that he quoted “Rawness no lime and salt can fresh this” instead of “This is rawness and you can’t lime and salt this” and then calls that journalism and says if we don’t like it well “boo go away” is evidence that I need to tell Ian Bourne THIS IS POETRY, LYRICAL ENERGY, AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT BOO GO AWAY…obviously he doesn’t get it.

    How can he have LIEcense to speak yet want to ridicule us for promising to be real and then doing just that. I performed more than 7 poems, I did a preamble for all which may have contained elements that the slow would not understand, and not one mentioned construction workers, yet I.B. fabricated them and added them to a line in my poem to make his untrue blog interesting. He even decided for me that a general poem I wrote about love was speaking about my boyfriend, when the truth is I do not perform my pieces about him, as I said before I read, because I do not want people looking at us and judging. I suppose for the other poems that the audience enjoyed so much, there was no way to find fault so he did not bother to comment.

    There was no need to bash RAWNESS, a piece about the fact that people like to butter up (lime and salt) filth and listen to it rather than quality, or to try to humiliate Daveny and state his last name and his work place all because he made a joke in poor taste.

    But I realise that he bashed Iron Sharpen Iron as well, a great show full of enlightenment and truth just because there was a bit of cussing. I would like Mr. Bourne to realise this is a real world, there is making love and fucking in it. The person who says so should not be penalised. There is a place in the world for classical music and there is a place for rap and old dub. All people have a message and it should not be censored. I am sure that if someone came and cussed for cussing’s sake they would have been asked to come off of the stage or even booed off. Ya can’t lime and salt life boss. I done talk – anyone who was at the show will know the man tells lies. I hope he keeps up his blog until the DVD comes out so all who would have read his lies would see the truth.

  2. Dear Mr.Bourne,

    Not only am I appalled at your incorrect use of the English Language and lack of “journalistic skills”, but I find you to be a very deceitful human being. At the show I saw you speak to countless performers, congratulating them on their efforts. You came up to the same Kodjo Alleyne, (please cite the correct spelling of his name for future reference), and gave him,(and others present), an unadulterated rant on your own tenure as “Father Christmas” in our favourite Broad Street department store. But I digress, because this is not the central issue of this discourse. Your lack of candour,(freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality),is a disgrace to the media community. I am currently listening to ABC’s daytime talk show “The View”, and Whoopi Goldberg just asked a vital question: “What makes a journalist?” I think you should seriously take stock of this question, before you continue to spout untruths. This is the same “tired story”, and yet, I still see you present at all these events. Instead of continually stunting the growth of our country’s young talent with your vile retorts, I suggest that you find a more constructive hobby. As a community, we should be praising our youth who are doing great things; yet persons like yourself find time to criticize and to ‘pick’ at the smallest of issues. Your colonial attitude is not surprising to a person from my generation. You prefer us to use the “Master’s language”, even for our personal pursuits. Take a lesson from Caliban Mr. Bourne, and think before you write….

    Respectfully Yours,

    Caryn Rae

  3. Wow… as a poet myself I find it odd (though not surprising) that we advocates of free speech should have such disdain for someone (Santa waist or not) who is merely exercising his right to exercise said freedom.

    If I may offer 2 quotes for your perusal:
    ‘Those whose conduct gives room for talk are always the first to attack their neighbors.’ ~Jean Baptiste Moli?re, Tartuffe

    ‘What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. talk ya talk! dont let me get started on spoken word artists at all. and yea I got a good perspective on it seeing as i used to be in dem slams and thing so a few years back.

    all i can say is i agree there is a time an place for everything. if it was an all ages show the cussing and slackness coulda leff at the door.

    but then this is bim where my neighbour blasts the entire area with mavado’s slackness booming from his box every other evening and no one says a damn.


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