Poltergeisten Und Zeitgeisten Uber Alles? More Germans Ask For Exorcisms

You’d figure that places like Haiti, Brazil and even Jamaica may have rampant cases of magic gone wild like what the Mighty Sparrow was worried about in “Melda/Obeah Wedding“, but it appears that certain Europeans are more concerned according to overseas news-blog NewsBlaze

National Catholic authorities admit that the number of Germans asking for exorcism is rising. The problem was underlined by a German radio show that recently interviewed several priests and, live, reported their practices of expelling evil spirits from possessed people. One exorcist, Father Joerg Mueller, told a journalist that only last year he had helped over 350 Germans. They hear the voices of demons; they see ghosts or shadows or destroy crucifixions at night, without being able to remember anything the next day,” the British Daily Telegraph quotes him.

It doesn’t mean, however, that Germans are especially prone to demons. In most cases, advise priests, instead of an exorcist people should contact a psychiatrist as their problems derive from mental breakdowns rather than possession by the devil. Father Mueller said that, popularized by Hollywood movies, exorcism has become perceived as an easy and quick way to heal the mind and soul. Therapy hasn’t worked for them; they want exorcism – a prayer that can free them,” he said, adding that only one in ten who seek his help qualifies for exorcism.

It seems these real-life cases were what led people to make “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” however, bear in mind in the true story – the woman did not get out alive! The court implied she kind of ‘possessed‘ herself in a weird version of metaphysical hypochondria?

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