Husband & Wife wow the crowd in Worthing – Cardea guests at Mojo’s and have new gig on Gap

Not many folk are aware of this, but before Alex and Mandy got hitched, I knew both in different capacities for a few years before Cardea came into being…

Alex I got to know thru one of my step-daughters one late night (or early hour, depending) after trying out Club Xtreme during a vacation night here, I insisted on a hot-dog before heading home so we stopped at Shell in Worthing (where Mobil was aeons ago) and the wife tried cheese dip and tortilla chips at my insistence while we talked to her daughter’s buddies.

One of them was Alex, who was already very serious about his guitar work – this was about late 2004…

Amanda was my online nemesis at first, we cussed each other out at a stupid forum – but when we discovered by accident there were similar literary interests at heart, then we decided that cyber-joint makes psychos of everyone and reality’s better.

Then in March 2005, my wife and I saw Amanda and Alex at the Boatyard, and again in April at Harbour Lights when Bryan Adams played for Canadian radio station Chum FM.

Of course, down the line there was Garlex with Amanda, who I wrote about in April last year. Then the group took a hiatus, ppl visiting Opa took a dive and Limelight started to cash in – but Alex and Mandy got married and still pushed each other’s musical careers.

Meanwhile, Mojo’s in Worthing was becoming a venue for Barbadian Alternative musical talent that was forced to pause then resume with a vengeance. I’ve been following the revival in bits and pieces…

I really have to ask them what is the significance behind “Cardea” but in the meanwhile, their continuance as Gar-V makes his own divergence is justified. The duo mesh well considering Amanda has only recently taken singing and guitar lessons!

In fact, Amanda went solo that night too! Along with the regular guestings from Gar-V and Slims, plus a return shot from Max, who also recorded Cardea’s performance that night…

Anyhow, did learn something about singing that night – do not eat before you perform, a light snack maybe, but not a complete and heavy meal. The body spends more time digesting rather than delivering energy for you to play a vigorous virtuoso or deliver that particular note in the chorus.

Alex’ vocals as I have mentioned before seem to me like a variation on Darius Rucker, but Amanda has her own vocal style – which was very smooth and easy for her interpretation of “Fever,” the oldest song in their repertoire. The couple also like to play songs from popular singers that are not always heard on the radio or elsewhere…So, while you may have heard Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Only Wanna Be With You” or Hunter” from Dido and a ballad version of the Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold Your Hand“, there were also semi-obscure references from Creed and Jewel thrown in for good measure.

So that was their Monday night at Mojo’s, otherwise the dynamic duo play at the Gap Bar on Sundays and every other Friday.

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  1. hey Ian, I love the article, thanks! You should have been there last night though, the night you write about was s**t in comparison!

    Only one problem…I have not “only recently” taken singing lesson…I’ve been singing since I could talk! (Literally)

    Keep supporting, we appreciate it! 🙂


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