HEADING FOR THE UK & NEED A VISA? BETTER GET A CREDIT CARD – Changes to arrangements for issuing visas for the UK

So, all parents sending their kids to Brit Universities this year, are in for a weird surprise – you have to have a credit card! I got rid of mine to decrease debt but if I want to see UK now I’ll have to borrow someone’s to achieve that mission… Anyway don’t take my word for it, here’s the UK High Commission

From 2 June 2008, all visas for the United Kingdom will be issued by the British Consulate General in New York. Applicants will continue to submit their applications to the British High Commission, Bridgetown, in exactly the same way as before. But applicants will be required to pay the Visa fee by internationally recognised credit card at the time of completing the online Visa Application form.

Visa applicants will need to pre-book appointments as now, and attend the British High Commission in person to submit their papers and provide the necessary biometric data. The High Commission will then forward the application and passport in individual sealed packages to the British Consulate in New York by courier service. Applicants will not be required to travel to New York.

Once a decision has been made, the British Consulate in New York will inform applicants by email, and return applications by courier to the British High Commission in Bridgetown, who will notify applicants to collect their documents. The cost of the courier charge will be borne by the United Kingdom.

Visa applicants will not incur any additional charges for this service. However, applicants will have the option to request the British Consulate General in New York to return their documents directly to them, through payment of an additional courier charge when completing their application form.

It is envisaged that straightforward applications will be returned to the British High Commission within seven working days and all applicants should expect to receive decisions within 3 weeks of dispatch of their documents to New York.

The British High Commission in Bridgetown will retain direct responsibility for issuing visas to the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

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