A Preview Chapter of “The Climax” by Allison Hobbs [NC-17: Graphic Situations, etc.]

Kai regained consciousness inside the prison infirmary. She was handcuffed, which wasn?t surprising, but to her astonishment, she lay atop an examining table, naked beneath a coarse white sheet. The handcuffs were painfully tight and she had no idea why she needed to be naked in order to have her jaw examined. Still, Kai appreciated being spared the horror of being thrown like a piece of meat into a cage with the Taffy. Taffy was the most horrible inmate in women?s prison. She?d broken Kai?s jaw and had and forced her to perform oral sex on her unwashed vagina. After that horrific experience, Kai was exceedingly grateful to finally receive the medical attention she desperately needed?and thankful to be out of Taffy?s reach.
A rotund figure wearing a white lab jacket entered the room. ?Oh, great. You finally decide to wake up,? said an annoyed, pudgy, man, whom Kai assumed was the staff doctor. He was totally gross-looking with greasy, thinning, dark gray hair that was pulled back into a ridiculous ponytail. ?My shift is almost over, but I suppose I have time to give you a quick pelvic exam.? The doctor gave a long, tired sigh.
Pelvic exam! Kai gawked at the doctor in alarm. Her eyes darted about anxiously. Frantic, she blubbered unintelligibly, trying to convey that she didn?t need a pelvic exam; she had a broken jaw, dammit. Couldn?t the quack of a doctor see that her face was swollen? What the hell was wrong with the idiot?
Ignoring Kai?s expression and murmurs of panic, the doctor flung off the top sheet, revealing Kai?s luscious nude body. That single action caused the overweight man to breathe heavily. His blotchy, hanging jowls shook. His belly, which hung over his belt, quivered considerably. Looking like an ill-tempered Santa, the doctor peered at Kai with intense blue eyes and then patted her mons pubis. ?Spread your legs,? he told her in a grumpy voice.
With a broken jaw, she couldn?t speak. Slowly and determinedly, Kai tried her best to communicate her problem, but the doctor didn?t even make an attempt to decipher the gibberish that spilled from her lips.
Without bothering to snap on a pair of surgical gloves, the doctor squeezed lubricant into the palm of his bare hand. With his other hand, he tapped Kai?s kneecap, continuing his unreasonable insistence that Kai spread her legs. ?I guess it?s hard on you girls to have to go so long without having sex with a real man,? the fat doctor said, his expression and tone, illogically sympathetic. ?I guess I?m pretty much the only male you girls can legitimately have any type of sexual contact with.?
?Now, spread your legs,? he repeated, irritably.
Kai wanted to cry. But deciding an abusive pelvic exam preferable to having to deal with a pack of bloodthirsty inmates, Kai parted her thighs for the perverted prison doctor.
The doctor inserted a well-lubricated finger. Though Kai was completely appalled by the loathsome physician, an unexpected moan escaped her lip after the gross-looking doctor inserted his thick finger, twisting and snaking it inside her vagina, giving her unexpected, immense pleasure. The incredible sensation of his undulating finger served as a temporary painkiller for the prolonged aching that emanated from her lower jaw.
Unable to help herself, Kai rode the doctor?s finger. She clenched her walls around it as if it were an erect penis. Fully aroused and dripping, she lifted her hips to take in more of his middle finger. Moaning, she thrust forward encouraging the doctor to drive his chubby digit in all the way to the hilt.
The doctor?s paunchy jowls and belly shook as he pounded Kai with his finger. He perspired and panted as if he were giving Kai hard sexual penetration. ?You dirty prison sluts are so sneaky. You pretend to be sick so you can get in my examining room just so you can suck my cock. Is that what you want to do?? he demanded as he gave Kai another hard finger thrust.
Unable to speak, and inexplicably aroused even more by the doctor?s obscene insults, Kai could only grunt in response. She arched her back and shuddered as knives of pleasure ripped through her.
The doctor hastily withdrew his finger while Kai was still in the throes of an orgasm. She could have smacked his puffy face for that.
He sniffed the finger that glistened from Kai?s secretions. ?Smells clean, but I can?t take any chances. You could be afflicted with genital warts or herpes. And your mouth . . . well, let?s just say that orifice can be as germ-ridden as a filthy vagina.
?Guard!? the doctor bellowed.
A stone-faced CO whom Kai had never seen and who apparently had been waiting in the corridor, hurried inside the examining room.
?Unlock the cuffs.?
The guard cut a suspicious glance at Kai.
?It?s okay. She?s not going to give me any trouble,? the doctor assured the correctional officer.
The tall, black man walked across the small room. He had ordinary facial features, but an extraordinary physique. He appraised Kai?s naked body with unmasked lust before he unlocked the handcuffs. Kai had considered grunting out an S.O.S. to the correctional officer, but judging by the brazen, lingering look, the man gave her, it was clear that he and the doctor were in cahoots.
?I?ll call you when I?m done,? the doctor told the correctional officer. At the doctor?s orders, the CO left the room.
At the sound of the closing door, the doctor quickly unzipped his pants and released his rigid appendage. Pre-cum bubbled out of the tip. ?He?s ready.? His words were accompanied by rapid, lustful breaths. He was breathing so hard, Kai thought the stout doctor was in the throes of a massive heart attack.
?Use your hand,? the doctor panted. ?Lube it up,? he told Kai in gasping breaths as he reached for a container of moisturizing lubrication. ?Work him over good.? The doctor glided his own hand over his shaft, his eyes glinting in lustful expectation.
It only took a few squishy strokes to get the doctor off. Just before he spurted out cum over Kai?s closed fist, the doctor?s eyelids fluttered; his eyes actually rolled to the back of his head. What a loathsome degenerate!
?By the way, I examined your jaw while you were knocked out. It?s dislocated. I guess you hit that concrete floor pretty hard,? he said, knowingly. ?You?re lucky it wasn?t fractured or broken. Since you girls love to do each other such bodily harm, instead of bringing you here for treatment, the state should throw you all in a pit and let you battle to the death. Like the gladiators,? he said with a chuckle.
Kai?s attitude toward the doctor quickly changed from disgust to appreciation when he said, ?Sit still so I can reposition your jaw. Firmly, he held the mandible on both sides pushing gently downward and rocking backwards until a loud popping sound indicated Kai?s jaw was back in its proper position. ?There you go. You?re as good as new,? he told Kai cheerfully.
Surprisingly, Kai could open and close her mouth with ease.
?Thank you!? she said earnestly, appreciative that she no longer had to grunt like an animal when she attempted to communicate. The sound of her clearly enunciated words was music to her ears.
?No point in keeping you overnight. I?ll let the guard escort you back to your cell.?
Kai?s expression of elation shifted to sheer panic. She had no desire to go back to the cell block. She was in no hurry to be mauled by Taffy and company. In fact, now that Kai was out of pain and could think straight, she intended to stay in the safety of the infirmary for as long as possible.
?But my face . . . it?s still swollen. And it hurts,? she complained, rubbing her swollen cheek.
?We can apply an ice pack for an hour or so. But I can?t keep you here much longer than that.?
?Guard!? the doctor bellowed again. The buff correctional officer materialized in an instant. Checking the time, the doctor looked down at his wrist. ?I?m allowing the patient to apply an ice pack to her injury. Escort her back to her cell in an hour.? The doctor hastily retrieved an ice pack from a small refrigerator and tossed it to Kai.
?Sure thing, doc,? the correctional officer said to the staff doctor?s quickly retreating back.

Copyright 2008 Allison Hobbs

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