Wynslo Phillips – Pelican Art Gallery exhibition: April 7 to April 19

Wynslo Phillips is hosting a slew of paintings out by the Barbados Arts Council’s Pelican Village Gallery, that’s on the land side heading towards the Cruise Terminal, and it continues until April 19th – so here’s what he has to say about his own work, rather intriguing in the sense of here is art imitating life… In that his work is to please tourists, like how Bajans sell their land to satisfy visitors’ whims yet assuage their own pockets and at the same time make it harder for younger generations to have their own chunk of Bim –

The exhibition is a repeat of last year’s in that many of the paintings this year were displayed then. This year?s title is ?Landscapes and Seascapes?. I am placing some emphasis on Barbadian Landscapes, displaying eight pieces in this style.

These can be described as a mixture of realism and surrealism, in a Barbadian setting. I have no interest in painting anything else that cannot be directly or indirectly related to Barbados.

?Seaside Chattel Houses? could be considered to be an extinct species, given the level of coastal development around the island, but I grew up in Oistins when seaside chattel houses were a common feature and the fishermen pulled up their boats alongside their homes during the fishing off-season to repair and overhaul them.

There are many Barbadians in high places today who came from very humble origins and they certainly don?t want anything in their new homes to remind them of where they came from. There are some new pieces in the exhibition. ?The Pool ? Enterprise Beach?, ?Coming Home ? Oistins Bay?, ?Crane Beach?, ?Sunseeker?, and ?View from Dover Beach? are some of them.

There are also some old ones, from when I first began to paint fulltime, some 20 years ago. ?Beach Cricket at Aquatic Gap?, ?Wild Passion Fruit?, ?Beach Cycle?, and ?The Red Scale? are some of them.

?East Point?, and ?View from Bathsheba? are two of my earliest seascapes and the viewer can make the comparison then and now to judge the level of my development over the years. Included is a current view of ?East Point?, from its south side.

I would certainly like to paint these scenes more often, from different angles, but, unfortunately, my painting today is largely governed by economic considerations. I have to paint what sells best, which should explain the preponderance of Oistins Bay.

I am certainly not ashamed to say my main consideration is the visitor market. Visitors are the ones who put food on my table, so I paint what long experience has taught me appeals most to them. If salaried artists consider this to be beneath their dignity, I say ?To each his own?.

Despite this, I do enjoy trying to capture the sea and sky in all their infinite moods. I certainly don?t try to reproduce photographs. Each seascape I complete is to some extent my impression of what I see there.

If the viewer thinks the finished painting is completely true to the view, I guess I can accept that. But, it is not my absolute goal.

I want to create paintings which will, for the purchaser, always be a source of pleasure. And, if he or she is European or North American, when the nights back home are long and the days are short, and they haven?t seen the sun for a few days, let the painting remind them of what they are missing here in Barbados.

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  1. Hi Wynslo,
    The painting I bought from you on my visit to your beautiful island reminds me so much of my wonderful holiday there. I am having to see snow out of my window just now but, I simply have to look at my painting and wallow in the soft white sand and the warm blue water and I’m right back there enjoying the heat and the wonderful sunshine. Keep up the good work, your web site is looking good.


  2. Hello Wynslo, its been a long time. In 2005 or 2008 I believe… I was admiring one of your beautiful paintings on my walls in Montréal this morning, and was thinking of you. Remember when I brought some Arche paper to you?
    I see that your work is finally seen on an international level through your Website, and I am glad for you. Please let me know how you are doing. I wish I could be in Barbados and have a nice lunch with you at Earthworks!
    Take care!


  3. Hi Wynslo – For a mere £3, I’ve just had the good fortune to buy one of your lovely paintings.

    It was hidden away in the corner of a Charity Shop here (Blackburn, England) and depicts the identical central group of Seaside Chattel Houses (the pale blue ones), which are shown in the second picture, above: it’s dated 2007.

    With best wishes for your continued success – Neil


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