What do Barack Obama and David Kirton have in common? Time for Change (Remix music Video)

Time for Change has become a Universal movement, a rally cry for people who desire a new direction for the world and their lives. David Kirton’s album and song titled ‘Time for Change‘ is in tune with the worlds pulse.

This video remix of the ‘Time for Change‘ music video features Barack Obama, his words and strength. For many, Barack Obama symbolises positive Change, not only for the United States but for the Caribbean and rest of the world. Kirton has a long history of protest songs starting with his debut albums title track ‘Stranger‘, (Hiding in the bush)

Smiling faces can be so deceiving you never really know what the mind is thinking. Smiling faces show no traces of the deepest secrets that lie with in, with in the hearts of man.

Modern Roots, Kirton’s second album hit even harder with track 4, ‘To Know Jah‘ – “Your speech sounds so good on the radio, you smile so brightly on my TV, but when its time to deliver on all those promises, all we get is a bag of excuses.”

Kirton is not content to sit by the side lines, his music needs to stand for something, to have a purpose other than entertain, as the lyrics to ‘Time for Change‘ say ‘Equality is right up my alley, There’s a dead lock, causing a road block. Who’s going to level the field? Yes it’s Time for some Change.

The Time for Change: Barack remix was edited by Cutter Hoderine in Washington DC; a young editor and director who also directed Free to Fly and edited the original Time for Change music video. The album Time for Change is available as a download on iTunes and other popular online stores.

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