Sunday Sustenance ? Barbadian Blogs and other events in the Matrix

Every now and again, like Barbados Free Press, the Bajan Reporter ventures forth through the Matrix to see what is happening with Cyber-Bajans and other nationalities that hook up with we…

Like the Indy Transponder, these folk like BFP are air freaks and saw my article on Breitling jets and hooked up to me and gave me a regular link for which we shall be reciprocal!

There are many ties between the British Virgin Islands and Barbados, one of them is BVI’s Words Of Ribbon which is an offshoot from VI Callaloo, the writer’s topics are diverse from hair

A woman’s hair is her crown. A black woman’s hair is her glory. Yet, when you look around today, many black women are unhappy with their roots.

Why does noone like their curly/kinky hair? Straight and afro weaves are more commended and adorned. Hairdressers and braiders blow dry hair straight to make the corn rows look better. When did we give up crown for another race’s?

All of a sudden, my braids are not good enough for work or for a wedding? Have the lye and no-lye relaxers burned black women’s brain cells? I think my knots, braids or afro look better anyday over your your weave or limp hair. Everyone wants to live in the norms and look like Britney Spears or Tyra Banks. I don’t mind standing out.

Ribbon also handles serious topics like the economics of insurance and the legality thereof –

I called around today to ask if a 2001 vehicle can get COMPREHENSIVE auto insurance and many offices said NO. One office said that if I have the car financed through the bank, then they can insure it comprehensive for this year ONLY. After that it will be 3rd party.

Maybe I am a little too particular, but I think this entire insurance business in the BVI needs to be investigated. The Government enacted laws to make every vehicle owner purchase auto insurance. In that case, the local companies should be able to cover ANY vehicle at comprehensive rates. Now, you might say that my car is only worth $2,500. If I get into an accident and I am found liable, the other driver gets his vehicle and expenses taken care of in FULL. I walk away with nothing. In that scenario, even with a deductible of $1,000, I can still claim $1,500 to assist with getting another vehicle.

I did some research since this insurance business seems more and more sketchy to me.

The variety of topics deserves a lengthy browse, our thanks for linking here as well! There are other topics worthy of attention, we like how Barbados Underground has been seeing if these hills and fields are really our own? David Arthur (love that pseudonym, very balanced, LOL) looks at how Spain is making sure there are still windows to the sea and juxtaposes it with Barbados’ west coast development, Owen Thompson, uh, David Arthur, also puts forward a case of why Barry Blades should be knighted… Who is Barry Blades? Read Barbados Underground!

There’s new Barbadian blog in town, the title sounds like a play off of Jon Stewart’s hilarious journalistic lampoon on Comedy Central but is in fact a serious look at everywhere as it relates to Bim! They have concerns over AIDS tests and Bajan teenagers among other items… The Bajan Global Report‘s earliest links include this blog, BU and BFP! Thanks!

Plus, a new website in town – a Bajan gospel recording label of Bloodwash Records (No, not vampires – as inwashed by the blood of the Lamb“; a euphemism for Jesus Christ), there are two new discs they’re flogging right now so what better music for a Sunday? Check them out!

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