Barbadian Artist sings virtues of ‘pit bull’ puppy – needs home real bad!

Got a note from one of the sweetest people in Barbados, Corrie Scott – she is a shutterbug par excellence and artist nonpareil, she has a bittersweet tail… Ahem – TALE, of a type of dog some folk may fear rather needlessly… Here goes –

[This is] an adorable pit bull (we think almost 100% if not all pit bull) puppy, about 3/4 months old.

It was found by Donna and she has nurtured back to life what was a bag of bones.

Most of you know I have an ardent love and admiration for this much maligned breed.

They are the most loving and wonderful temperament if brought up in a normal house. My babe Clio whom many of you see on the road with me is a testament to how pit bulls really are if brought up in a loving home.

In fact my pit bull has the shameful reputation of having been attacked by a cat who was eating her food!

And then one day at my studio in the garden she was chased by a chicken who had her chicks with her. A most hilarious sight, seeing a breed of dog that has this fearsome reputation being chased by an indignant chicken (Clio had not touched the chicks but mother hen was making sure of that!)

The most dangerous thing about my pit bull is her tail. Her wagging tail.

I was going to take this puppy, but find that I have to travel this next month and may be away for quite a while and I like to be with a puppy as it is growing up, and so am not taking it.

If any of you would like to see this pup, or know of a loving home it my go to, please contact Donna at 257-5078 or 422-6431. Donna will only release this pup if she knows it is going to be loved, as it deserves.

Go look, you will fall for her.

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