2 Legit 2 Quit – Rappers who wrapped up their hip hop act and did a flip flop into another Act

MC Hammer has been through a lot – successful rapper with a fast-food endorsement to broke to a born-again reverend and now running a dance version of YouTube

Then Will Smith! Sometimes you wonder if he recalls being a rapper, from Fresh Prince on vinyl to Fresh Prince on the channel then Hollywood here I come… Six Degrees Of Separation, The Legend Of Bagger Vance, Independence Day, Hitch, the super-bomb Wild Wild West, then the redemptive I, Robot but not for Asimovians, I am Legend, Hancock, the Oscar nominated Ali and so forth. He says he wants to become President, if Obama gets there first then Will Smith would be the 2nd Black Prez of the USA.

How many other Knights or Damosels of the Hip-Hop Table traded in their mics for Winnebago trailers?

One of the earliest was Queen Latifah. She also does Cover Girl, Pizza Hut and Jenny Craig. This is apart from her jumping into the small screen with Living Single, over to a failed talk-show a la Oprah, then heading for the silver screen with numerous efforts, not all so wonderful either…

The musical Chicago, Set It Off as a gay bank robber, Barbershop 2 then Beautyshop – with another rapper turned thespian (more soon), Bringing Down The House as an ex-con, Ice Age 2 as Ray Romano’s character’s love interest (Even in animation they don’t let her forget her size, what’s the big deal? More of her to lust, uh, LOVE!), then LL Cool J‘s [Whoops, another rapper? Man them’s poppin’ outta the woodworks!] honey in Last Holiday, plus Hairspray and Mad Money with Diane Keaton…

LL Cool J has the odd distinction of being one of the first black men to appear in a horror and actually be the Last Man Standing as opposed to First To Go! Ice Cube also earned that distinction in Anaconda. Ice Cube has his own chapter and his and another Ice’s entries are rather ironic…

Back to Jim or Ladies-Love-Cool-James; his history is quite varied – Halloween: H20 where he lived, that shark picture where he also survived, the romantic duet with Latifah, a bomb known as Rollerball with Dean Adventures of Lois & Clark Cain, Kingdom Come, Deliver Us From Eva with super-bitch Gabrielle Union, among quite a few.

Ice Cube’s cinematic foray has been a bit more profitable – he had that Gad-awful Ghosts From Mars by John Carpenter, he fared much better with that Triple-X sequel, he is best known for Are We There Yet? and its follow-up. But what is really ironic, is him playing a bounty hunter, or almost like a cop…

His former group Ni***z With Attitude, or NWA – had a hit called F*** Tha Police… Another iceman, not Bobby, had a controversial hit dubbed Cop Killer and you wanna guess what he ended up doing?

All I can remember him appearing in was Surviving The Game which was excellent – it had Charles Dutton, Gary Busey and Rutger Hauer… Yet Ice-T kicked all of their butts coming and going!

It seems he’s done video games and some horror flicks, but what everyone really knows him as right now is in Law & Order as a detective, which, as I mentioned not long ago, is a bit of a snicker considering his claim to notoriety is a song touting the death of what his character’s profession is!

Hush your mouth, just keep those residual cheques rolling!

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  1. Ice T also did new Jack City and tresspass before Surviving the game. ironically enough in New Jack City the cop killer lyricist played a cop. Go figure!

    Quite a few others have caught the Acting bug as well. Mc Lyte hasnt done alot on the hip hop scene in a long time and has been acting since the mid ninetees although all of her movies have been horrid.

    Mos Def seems in my opinion to be the most talented of the rappers turned actors with roles in Hitchiker’s guide, 16 Blocks, and Italian Job amongst others

    Also DMX has done a few action roles i Romeo must Die, Cradle 2 Grave and Exit Wounds with Jet Li although calling what he does acting is a bit of a stretch as well

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