Trailer: Clifton Polo, Rappers who turned Good Citizens, New Advertising at Worthing Eatery and Bajan Lingo

There is a lot happening in terms of new articles between now and Sunday, I’m currently doing a LOT of research for many of the following items – more than I used to do at CBC, too! Plus a heavy day-job workload, Oy!

Folks are just DYING to know what I thought of Clifton too – not only was I surprised, also narrowly escaped the mother of all hangovers and I learned a lot about the sport from many key umpires and players in that sport. I have been examining other polo websites overseas to verify, and the results are stunning!

There are other avenues where local polo can accelerate their market growth without breaking their advertising budget, by setting a great example – see the photo? Where did that happen? Keep watching this space!

Meanwhile – do you realise how many folks are now USED-TO-BE rappers? In fact, some kids these days may get shocked to learn some folk started out doing word rhymes about street-life… A lengthy feature is in the works…

A popular gaming and munching establishment on the South Coast is up to a new advertising gimmick – what is it?

Ever hear certain Bajan phrases where ppl just drive your backside nuts? I used to think it was just certain members of my family out to irritate me, now, I realise they were infected by other folk a good while back! Stay here to learn those catchphrases to beware of…

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