SANJAY’S LONELY BREAKS NEW GROUND: New Jamaican video has been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from the reggae market

SANJAY’S LONELY BREAKS NEW GROUND: New Jamaican video has been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from the reggae market

Sanjay’s new single, Lonely has been doing very well locally and internationally. The song on the Renaissance ‘Legal Riddim‘ has been receiving good airplay both locally and internationally with regular spins on BBC 1Xtra, Big Up Radio and 876radio as well as continuous rotation on local radio stations.

Lonely has broken new ground for Sanjay as he now has a burgeoning following in Germany and England. The video of Sanjay’s Lonely is also a regular feature on reggae cable stations, boasting a more regular than usually rotation on Hype TV, RE TV, local TV stations and international reggae oriented stations in New York, Miami and Germany.

Sanjay has been getting and overwhelmingly positive response from the reggae market for his transformed image. The artiste, who cut his hair in the video for Lonely, sees this as validation for the considerable amount of work he has put in to ensure his work is always of a good quality.

I am receiving good reviews for Lonely both internationally and locally,” Sanjay, Recording Artiste noted, “I am pleased with the responses so far and I would just like to let the fans know that they can expect bigger ad better things from Sanjay.”


I got to get some things off my mind
Get them off my mind
Get them off my mind
I wonder why, love I so hard?
So hard to find
Na, na, na,na, na,na ,na, na, na,na, na, na ,na, na, na, (repeat)

Verse 1:
In my life I’ve had a few friends, even some true friends
That I can call in times of need
And I don’t want to be ungrateful, but when my heart feels weightful
There’s nothing they can do for me
I’m even blessed with some love interest, so there’s sex yes
But I guess, something’s still not there
Empty love leaves a heart feeling restless
There’s less stress, when someone cares

I’m feeling lonely, lonely, lonely
Living life for me only, only, only
I don’t want to be lonely, lonely, lonely
With no one who truly knows me, knows me, knows me
??.i cant take it

Verse 2:
See everyone reaches that stage in them life
When they’re tired of being alone, wish someone was there through the night, yeh
Sometimes you feel like just, taking a flight
But runnin away wont make it right, wont make it right, no
Cause nobody no want to grow old alone
Without the companionship that makes a house a home
So much people know you name, still you feel like you not known
I need someone to call my own..

Chorus (repeat)

Verse 3:
Them say, everything in life is for a reason
That’s what my experience lead me to believe in, yeh
The cycles of life change like seasons
So me smile with the joys and cry with the grieving
And me nah go mek the solitude get me down
Search for purpose in the pain you may be surprised at what you found
And when its here, I’ll appreciate it more
But right now, I cant ignore

Chorus (repeat out)


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