NEW BAJAN MUSIC VIDEO – Fitzroy fea. Trezay & Billy Kincaid (Directed by Selwyne “Get Bizi” Browne)

NEW BAJAN MUSIC VIDEO – Fitzroy fea. Trezay & Billy Kincaid (Directed by Selwyne “Get Bizi” Browne)

What has happened to the Bajan frog out to save the Universe armed only with a measly sword (collins)? I e-mailed him and here is what he had to say –

Greetings fine people, I hope this e-mail finds you well,

Just giving you a heads up on the release of my new “Barbados-only” single and video, “The Way I Move (WEmix)” featuring Trezay and Billy Kincaid. It was a pleasure to fly home and work with these fellas, as I’ve known them since I first started doing music, back when I was 15 or so. I’ve grown a lot as a musician since then, and I can’t even call what I do “hip-hop” anymore, but this track was a chance to revisit the good old days.

Back then, we were some of the only MC’s in Barbados, and I remember spending quite a few Saturday mornings in front of DaCosta’s Mall, begging people to sign petitions to get local hip-hop on the radio. It was quite a feat to get the radio stations to pay attention to us back then lemme tell ya, but look at how things have changed…

Anyhow, please [use this] link to the video, in which we tried to recapture some of the energy, freshness and purity from those days. Directed by Selwyne “Get Bizi” Browne. In the next few weeks I’ll be updating you with some very, very, very exciting news. Stay tuned…

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One response to “NEW BAJAN MUSIC VIDEO – Fitzroy fea. Trezay & Billy Kincaid (Directed by Selwyne “Get Bizi” Browne)”

  1. Redzzzz Avatar

    Greetings Bourne! I performed a piece at LMJ about my admiration for Fitzroy’s *ahem* talent 😉 so I am biased. If he sang an elmo song I would melt.

    I lovvvvvvvvved the original version (B minor B minor B minor)so I had to watch this video. Now, I’m sorry I did. The guys are all lyrically impressive. I just wish the video didn’t seem like a BET leftover. The 2 girls who I presume are meant to be eyecandy (or armcandy, whatever) are not ugly ducklings but for the love of God, can we puhleez have a video in which there are no girls wining/gyrating/trembling/posing in bikinis etc?!?!? Shouldn’t innovative lyrics be accompanied by… this may be pushing it… an innovative video?!?! To make matters worse, the girls’ choreography (and i use the term loosely) was laughable. The guys are talented but… the video mannnnnnn.

    Can’t tek 2 delicious fishcakes and juk them in a mouldy saltbread. Daz a waste…

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