Media creates hullaballoo over Rihanna’s concert goodies – some are safety tips

In my years of dabbling on the outskirts of entertainment, there are things I know for a fact and others which are ALLEGED…

When Dionne Warwick was here for the Jazz Festival a few years ago, she insisted that an ashtray was in every room at Grand Barbados in the suite that she occupied, or else? No performing at all!

I have heard of rock singers who DEMAND for green M&M’s to be removed from a gallon-bowl of that candy or no singing that night, now there are claims in the Far East that Rihanna is insisting on weird stipulations for her digestive pleasures –

If sources are to be believed, as a part of her world tour contract, the 20-year-old singer demands that each venue has to provide her with two packs of pink bubblegum, two apples, two mangos, two pears, seedless grapes and strawberries.

The Umbrella hitmaker also asks for two knives (to cut the fruit), a teapot and 24 warm Buffalo wings, fried chicken and spiced white rice, reports the New York Post.

Um, she is a bony gal, sounds like she is one of those disgusting folk who can eat a ton and only gain an ounce – so what be wrong if she want some Caribbean-like food items? You know how bad Bajans love wings? We let people overcharge us, and still we buy them!

She want fruit, that’s good for you – she didn’t ask for tea, she probably bring along her own Red Rose or Ty-Phoo, and look at the junk food she ask for – can ya really get fat offa GUM? Steupse!

The Asian paper also picked at another stipulation the Barbadian entertainer made, yet admitted in the same breath, the move makes sense –

…according to London?s Daily Star, the Good Girl Gone Bad singer is said to have banned umbrellas in her gigs. The decision came after a number of umbrella-related accidents occurred in the audience.

If it was done for the audience safety, why complain? If she hadn’t looked out for the crowd then she’d’ve been deemed irresponsible – ya jus’ cyaan’ win, eh? Big long, stinkin’ ig’runt steupse with golfballs and all!

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  1. rihanna gone clear! ya know ya is a star when ya duz sell papers cause people following ya every move like this.

    wha exactly is spiced white rice though? dat is wha dem duz call rice n peas in dem sorta places?


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