Barbadian polo rides again – Something to roar about: Holders’ chukkas, Pt 3

Well, I have trailed what seemed like an elusive Barbadian myth since April last year – I have learned the truth for myself and have fallen madly in love with the sport of polo.

This year, I have made many discoveries and revelations… First off, no one has put me up to any of this, at the moment the only advertising I use is Google AdSense, and if I recall correctly, I made the princely sum of $0.04 US off of that service! I am no polo expert and write these items for my own pleasure and hoped they can be of service to Barbadians at large.

I have now been to ALL of the polo grounds and discovered where snootiness was suspected to be there is none yet where camaraderie was touted it was as present as hair on a polo ball!

Lion Castle [Final] = A+

Clifton = B+

Waterhall = D-

This entry will deliver my findings on Holder – is it really the Mecca for chukkas?

My grade at the end of this item. Meanwhile; I will disclose new discoveries… For instance – Philip Tempro, CEO of Jada Construction is such a polo fanatic, he played this Easter Sunday with a roasting fever! What, was he hoping to break a sweat? “Ian, I had a match to play,” he said in a croaky tone. In one sense I admire that dedication, yet in another I can’t help but ponder if he’s not a few chukkas short of a tournament?

Diamonds International actually commissioned for a new jingle and they wanted to know if I heard it? The crowd at Holders was the best mixture of all Barbadians I had ever seen so far – can blogging combined with mainstream advertising be such an instrument for positive change?

The “white bar manager” as I so offhandedly referred to her is Nikki Gonzalez, who kindly handed me an application form for membership! Yes, I am looking to join at the end of the season – why? Better to join when the new year starts rather than join with just a smidgen for 2008 left!

Membership entitles you to a number of privileges… A carload is free to any B’dos Polo Club match during that year’s agenda; all drinks are half-price and any contests which usually is with a ticket, you are automatically considered at least one entry. I had a few guys say they joined after they read my article!

I found the two Easter Sunday matches were very exciting, even if the second match’s shirts were a bit harsh to the eyes, LOL! Lime Green for Signature Magazine of Sassie Stears and pumpkin-orange for Piaget – man, they could have held a night match comfortably! I am surprised Jonathan Simpson didn’t pick up on that…

He did one risque joke based on a player’s name. There was a guy called Fucci (like Gucci with anF in place of theG“) and to Jonathan he said that he expected that to be called out to him on a back street of Brazil, “Hey, wanna fucci, fucci, fucci?” And CBC was scared of me and what I might say? Please, LMAO

The opening match was black DI versus white DI – which leads me to another question, if Diamonds International does so much sponsorship of polo, why should Waterhall have a subsidiary set of players called Diamonds, and a visiting UK team known as Chester, while the real McCoy of Cheshire plays here at other venues at the same time?

Isn’t it time to bury the hatchet? From what I understand from one rider who has been at all venues too is that if they play at Waterhall, they win and leave; but if they had a good session at Lion Castle or wherever, they lock their prize in the boot and go and boogie with pals ’til whenever!

Can’t we all get along? Superstition is not a notion to knock aside, I thought the article in Polo Barbados was kidding, but Wayne Archer urges every man not to beat his wife, especially at polo, as the mojo cast back can last for as much as a year, something he has no desire to experience again!

Both the warm-up and main matches were very thrilling – each game was 9 to 3, but in the first set it was the home team who won. The main event saw the away team pull off the victory – Roddy Davis represented the home side and was in the orange and was called the Big Pumpkin by Jonathan Simpson, while Bruce Bayley & Philip Tempro played for the outside forces and were in green with white helmets.

My only real bugbear was the steak served afterwards, 40 bucks for too slender a strip and a tad too much gristle for the expenditure. That’s why Holder’s gets a straight “A” only, for now…

The Battle of The Sexes is the near to last highlight of this year’s season between Holder’s & Lion Castle.

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