When does the Royal Barbados Police Force acknowledge carjackings? When there’s a fatality while we have a travel advisory on?

For all of the political agenda B’dos Free Press may fling here and there every now and again, they do have some intriguing stories of true newsworthy attention, but then again, some areas within the mainstream media are under direct orders not to acknowledge this side of the world, no matter how juicy the story – here are some good BFP examples that are not touched completely yet…

The items about implying a racket is on for foreigners who relax here only to find a ransacked home when they return or the spin on the latest tourist crimes which both the Tourism Authority and the Hotel and Tourism Association want downplayed?

Rather than downplay it, perhaps they should hold off until the perps are caught and then highlight the fact the idiots are in Dodds avoiding to drop bars of soap, since it’s usually the business community, friends and family of the RBPF or visitors who are most likely to get swift yet mostly accurate justice.

Why am I talking all of this? Because from last year to now, Barbados Underground, the late Bystander and myself have highlighted there is a trend of carjacking growing in this little island, and every time I get a fwd from a pal, I send them to the Police who seem not to comment nor act on the data sent! In one day I received TWO updates less than 60 minutes apart!

Here’s the first, which actually originates from a reputable member of the banking community, it’s lengthy plus spelling mistakes and all –

Friends, we’ve all heard the stories about the dangers being experienced when driving on Barbados roads, I’m adding mine now.

It was around 8 o’clock last night (Sunday 24th February 2008) and I was on my way home from Ashton Hall. I had just made a right turn onto Whitehall and was driving southbound on my way to St. James. My phone rang and I realised it was in my bag, I was about to pull off the road to get it and answer, when common sense kicked in and said stopping on a lonely road was insane. I had slowed down, so increased my speed to continue driving. It was at this moment that a white vehicle overtook me and then pulled in against the road.

I took note of that because where the vehicle parked was not particularly well lighted, there was no gap or a house or anything. It was just the road and the rock face.
Why would a vehicle overtake me, then pull in against the road? I passed the vehicle and it then pulled back onto the road, but was behind me by about a car length and a half. For what ever reason something did not feel right, I also remembered an email which was circulating a few weeks ago about a similar incident on this same stretch of road.

Anyway, I increased my speed, knowing I now had to pass through Warleigh and Bakers, where there were no houses, just a long stretch of road. I kept praying that northbound traffic would continue to keep coming as this would prevent the vehicle following me from overtaking and possibly blocking my way. I was fortunate that I continued to meet traffic.

I was driving at close to 90 kph, scared out of my wits, holding on to the steering wheel tight, and wondering if it would come to me having to wreck my car. I made it to Rock Dundo with the white vehicle still trailing me. I had just passed Gordan Greenidge School, and was going over the bridge when I decided to stop and see what would happen.

There were houses and I felt it was not a place to try anything, I wanted to see if the vehicle would overtake me. I stopped, the vehicle also stopped maintaining that distance of a car length and a half behind me. There were no cars coming. The road was clear. I decided to drive very slowly, the vehicle behind me did the same, never closing the distance. I realised I had to do something as I was almost home. I drove to a lighted area in Sion Hill, and parked opposite a house which was well lighted and stopped for a second time. The trailing vehicle did the same.

At this point I realised there were 2 vehicles and not 1 which I was thinking all along. I kept on my left indicator, and positioned all my mirrors that I could see behind my car. My doors were already locked as I always drive with my doors locked. The road was clear, neither of these vehicles attempted to overtake. They just remained behind me.
After about 2 or 3 minutes both vehicles pulled out and continued on their way.

I then pulled out and continued on my journey. I saw another car behind me, and had no idea if this car too was involved. My turn-off was coming up, so I increased my speed but did not signal a left turn. As I was about to pass my gap I turned with a hard left and quickly drove towards my home, checking the mirror all the time to make sure I did not have a tail. I was and still am very rattled.

I don’t know the make or model vehicle, only that it was white, looked new,
looked like a explorer. The second car was white. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take the car number after it overtook me.

I‘m sharing this experience because I have heard of other experiences on the same stretch of road and it would appear as if this area in St. Peter is being used to attempt car-nappings. Please share this with other persons whom you know live or are in the north of the island frequently.

Now this was not the only message, remember, I got a second one in less than an hour later and this one warns of the south coast –

This was sent to me – please keep watching out until police catch these people as they will carry on until, lock your doors on getting into your car


As you know I’m not one for passing on these alarmist e-mails, but this announcement comes from a fellow member of the Canadian Women’s Club and this incident happened to another of our members. This time, I think it would benefit you and so the text follows.



Just wanted to notify members to be aware that car- jacking is not only happening on the back roads.

Two of our members were attacked at gun point at TGI Fridays on Thursday night (February 21st) in the WELL-LIT parking lot.

The attacker only wanted the car. He pointed a gun at the driver’s head and demanded the keys. He then pointed the gun at his wife demanding she get out of the car. When friends started shouting for help he pointed the gun at them. There were six people in the party, but this didn’t deter him. He may have been working with a female accomplice who raced after him in a dark coloured car. Beware the carjackers could be working in pairs.

This is not to alarm anyone but to make us all aware and be alert no matter where we are.

p.s. The car has since been recovered after being used in the holdup & shooting in Warrens on Monday, February 25th.

The e-mails from before and up to current all vary in location yet most have the same theme, a near miss or a close call, until now at the South Coast… how far will these communiques have to reach before Police do something? Barbados is already under a USA advisory; I am aware the Force is approximately 1,442 souls but maybe we need to do like Bermuda and import and make it worth their while to stay, also perhaps look to recruit members of the white and Indian community!

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  1. i’ve heard some stories of the carjackings from others who were followed as well. interestingly a white car seems to always be involved.

    i’m guessing the government and police are keeping this hush hush cause they dont want to scare away the tourists-es dem.


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