Comedian of Bajan heritage suffers bad reviews – material too true and sad for a lark (PG-13)

Three children and a Bajan-descended guy who stands by what by-products his dick rendered seems not to be real gristle for a side-splitter, according to the UK comedy guide, Chortle, one of the things against Quincy is a speech pattern they blame another comedian but I remember Lenny Henry using as the trademark for one of his more annoying characters –

He has this habit, yeah?, of interrupting himself, yeah?, with the nervous verbal ticks, yeah?, that make him sound like a black David Brent, know what I mean?

However, it seems the reason he has any success as a single mother is because of the fact he has Caribbean heritage in his DNA –

It?s about how he?s a stereotypically incompetent male who can?t work the washing machine (is anyone in real life genuinely this inept?), about how his strict Barbadian parents used to beat information into him, and the smart-aleck responses he now has for their stock parenting phrases, more than 30 years after the event. Nothing, really, that you wouldn?t have heard other comics doing ? and doing better.

It sounds so pitiful you feel like watching simply to boost him on a sense of detached patriotism…

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  1. ok i guess i’ll put my comedy efforts on hold cause i’m scared of getting a review like this lol


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