Black History Month Films at EBCCI – Final Screenings

Black History Month Films at EBCCI – Final Screenings

The University of the West Indies ? Cave Hill Campus
Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI)
in collaboration with

U.S. Embassy ? Bridgetown


Black History MonthFebruary 2008

FINAL Film Screenings at the EBCCI Cinemateque
These film screenings will be held during the month of February and a new schedule will be announced each week. Please check below for the dates and times for the films for this week, as well as a brief synopsis of each film. Also note that these screenings are subject to change.


Saturday, March 1
3:00pm The Learning Tree, Gordon Parks (110 mins)
Remember that special year in your life? That growing-up year when you had your first real adventure? Maybe it was the time you discovered love. Or hate. The year you faced an enemy, a challenge, or the death of someone you cared for. The year you stood up for a principle. Or stood by a friend. Or maybe, in your growing up year, it was all of them.

5:00pm The First World Festival of Negro Arts, William Greaves (40 mins)
Discloses the purpose of the First World Festival of Negro Arts held in Dakar as an attempt to create an awareness of Negro art and culture. This documentary surveys the contributions in music, dance, textiles, poetry, sculpture, and painting.

7:00pm Nothing but a Man, Michael Roemer (92 mins)
The tale is a familiar one for American moviegoers; a devil-may-care young man is drawn to a grounded young woman, they part, he realizes he prefers stability to freedom, they reconcile. The interest for viewers today as well as 40 years ago lies in the protagonists’ skin colour: they are black, as is most everyone else on screen. And they live in the Deep South of the early 1960s, where the still-operative system of peonage conspired to keep African-Americans enslaved economically and beaten down emotionally.

8:30pm She?s Gotta Have It, Spike Lee (84 mins)
A hilarious and sexy film? three suitors are vying for the attention of a beautiful woman who is taking her time making up her mind about her sometimes belligerent lovers. Frankly and unapologetically sexy, this film is a provocative and boisterously entertaining look at women, men and very fragile egos.

Also check out?..
Film Screening & Workshop with Mr. William (Bill) Greaves
featuring the film
?Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take 2??
Saturday, March 1, 2008
10:00 a.m.
Please call 417-4776/7 to register

Bill Greaves has produced over 200 documentary films; seven have earned more than 70 International Film Festival Awards, an Emmy Award, and four Emmy nominations. In 1980, he was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and received a special tribute at the first Black American Independent Film Festival in Paris. He also has been awarded an “Indy“, which is the Special Life Achievement Award of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers.

Mr. Greaves is a proud Barbadian Citizen.

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