Barbadian Nights? 1,001 posts – More Carjacking concerns from Bajans, wh’appen, nuh?

In my quest to keep you informed with fairly true stories, me and Scheherazade have gained a slight commonality, we both have 1,001 tales now – but hers took longer to tell. Now for this milestone here’s a very eerie situation developing on this island …. I am getting a little worried about a potential negative trend, I took the liberty of fwd’g these e-mails to Police in the hopes something can be done to halt and/or clamp down on this dire possibility. I first cited this activity in November, but I can recall Barbados Underground speaking of similar escapades in July and the late Bystander back in June.

This is carjacking in Barbados, now here’s another version and probably the scariest –

Please be careful. I heard about another incident yesterday with 2 older ladies who were followed from Sheraton Mall to Pine Gardens by 3 men and a woman in a car.

The ladies suspected it, but as it was 11am they dismissed the idea, until they turned into their drive and the car turned in. They stopped in front of their house – which they should not have done – and one of the occupants then asked them how to get back out, they told them, they turned around and drove out.

When the lady got out to go and open her
gate, the car quickly came back, one of the guys jumped out wielding a big knife and attacked the lady driver, surprisingly she got a hold of the knife but in the meantime, he grabbed her necklace – she was wearing a very expensive pendant – and he was able to get the pendant but the necklace broke and fell in the car.

In the meantime the other lady was making a racket screaming but you can imagine at that time of day Pine Gardens was quiet. What saved them is a neighbor drove into the avenue so the guy jumped in the car and they took off.

Of course the license was bogus. So if you think you are being followed, don’t doubt yourself, don’t go home, find a police station or a gas station.

What is going on, as my friend who sent me this, asked… Why has the mainstream media not tackled this?

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