VI Callaloo & VIIA present BLACK LOVE on Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am curious, what is Black Love? Did Malcolm X in his autobiography not state after visiting Mecca that an inter-racial marriage is the couple’s personal choice? Has it never been alleged that Solomon – Son Of David – marry The Queen Of Sheba, a beautiful Black/Nubian lady? In fact, part of the inspiration for the Song Of Solomon was the delight in contrasting skin tones as love was made? Also – Philip K. Dick implied in one of his stories that races would get so mixed, that there was no one pure ANYBODY anymore in the future? If you go by the BVI, there are no more white people, just like many of C&W’s phonebook covers here… Well, the British Virgin Islands have their own view, form your own opinions –

The Callaloo Poets
the Virgin Islands Improvement Association (VIIA) invite you to BLACK LOVE
Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 700PM
outside of Mellow
Moods in Road Town, Tortola.
Experience the Poetry, Music, Dance, Food and Drama –
all dedicated to BLACK LOVE.

Performers are asked to be outside Mellow Moods by
6:45PM for sign-up. Singers, Rappers, Dancers and
Drama groups,
if you are interested in performing,
please call 441-3509 or 441-8422 for more information.

BLACK LOVE, BLACK LOVE; did you hear?
It’s BLACK LOVE; well I want to hear!
For BLACK LOVE; I’ll be there
on Saturday, February 16 outside Mellow Moods from
Experience the Poetry, Music, dance, Food and Drama –
dedicated to

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  1. Greetings,

    BLACK LOVE for the Callaloo Poets means Black History Appreciation and also LOVE in its many forms. We in no way mean to limit who someone chooses to love. Love crosses boundaries, races, religions, ages, sexes and so much more.

    We apologize if anyone has been offended and hope to get your continued support!


  2. Not offended, I just like throwing a cat among the pigeons every now and again, oops – LOL!


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