(U P D A T E) Political Alternatives of Barbados – Folk who wanted SOMASS ended up with PEP, what happened?

[Ed’s NoteSaw in print edition of Nation of 3/1/08 that SOMASS will field two candidates, but check Pull-Push for their analysis as well, this item was written before I was aware SOMASS is attempting not to lose their deposit]

While 97% of Barbadians see the January 15th poll as a straight 2-way battle between the Bees & Dems… Let’s see if you remember this – by all four sets of traffic lights at Collymore Rock (shortly after it was changed from a roundabout, which was a big mistake) there were many posters advocating some series of changes for this country by a Society for Mass Freedom & Democracy (SOMASS-FreeDem). That was a fair while back, now elections have been called, and the PEP decided to run four seats – where is this so-called SOMASS-FreeDem?

They wrote quite long diatribes on Barbados Free Press, then they got their wings clipped in Late September – if any party needed to make themselves known it was SOMASS-FreeDem, why PEP does not even have a website and they have sought to stay in the public’s eye nevertheless!

Here was how their bitch-slap played on BFP

What the heck!! Where are the new blogs, BFP? Has something gone wrong again? These blogs have been at the top for too long. Today is the 30th of September. Your latest blogs are the 29th of September!! What is happening?? What?s the stalling? This lack of fresh blogs is very unusual. Too many wrong and egregious things are happening in Barbados —

Etc, etc, etc. Then BFP’s Cliverton got a wee bit perturbed…

Hello PDC

You?re pretty demanding for a bunch of fellows who can?t even spell democracy on your own website.

Tell ya what?

Go to WordPress.com and start your own blog.

When you do that, we?ll connect to your articles.

Until that time, we?ll hold your comments for at least a week because you bug us.


But it seems that’s the last time they appeared, what a sad turn of affairs – here it is a News-Blog gave an organisation a chance to create their own voice and they used it to do NOTHING! Not even on their own web-page, sigh!

Both main political parties not only have their own Blogs, they submit material on youtube, and as for the National Democratic Party – they are a flash in the pan. Nowadays, we learned that poor Dr Haynes and his wife Dr Carol Jacobs got robbed at their own residence during Xmas 2007 and that was the last that was heard, we don’t even know if the perps were caught
(yet I recall when Simpson Motors was robbed – the thieves were caught the next day; the time that the wife of a cop was run over by a truck? They located the perp the same day and charged him, apart from taking away his licenseOnly In The Caribbean), why no progress on their hunt?

The fact of the matter is that in my view, stagnancy can be a hard reality to face with two parties, there needs to be a dynamic of a third or maybe fourth – Jesse Ventura for a while gave American politics a good shot in the arm with Centrist views as Minnesota Governor in a Republican/Democrat USA, yet Ross Perot cut and run when he had America sitting up and paying attention nearly 16 years ago making them THINK they had a viable alternative, while poor Ralph Nader could not muster enough momentum; yet across the Atlantic, Paddy Ashdown with his Liberal Democrats keep both Tories and Labour on their toes in the district of London in the UK…

Yet on the other hand, I believe Guyana has at least six political parties and there are some others too, and that for me is totally ridiculous! Grenada has four or five but it usually seems to go between their main opposition NDC/Nat’l Democratic Congress and the ruling NNP/New Nat’l Party but they also have the Grenada United Labour Party/GULP and the Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement/MBPM then there’s the fledgling NP/National Party. Vive Le Difference?

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  1. Ian,

    I myself have asked, via my blog, the PDC a few questions, especially in relation to their plan to abolish taxes.




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