(** U P D A T E D **) Rihanna ALLEGEDLY poses nude in Germany – if these are fake, then she dodges her Mother’s wrath! What say Def-Jam?

Back in early December, there we ran an article when li’l Robyn Fenty – aka – Rihanna, declared her mom was the only thing what stopped her from going nekkid in public… Then the Deutsche version of FHM claimed otherwise!

Well, we received quite a few comments and they all say the same thing – PHOTOSHOP, we tend to agree as the five comments listed so far point to a telling area – where are Rihanna’s many tattoos?

Did this German edition of FHM (For Him Magazine) believe that few ppl would be aware on THIS side of the Atlantic?

This is what one website has to say on the matter – “This is the sexiest photo shoot of Rihanna’s career thus far. In one picture she is completely naked with her back to us. In the other she is naked with a splash of water covering all of her hot spots.

While there may be a contention that technically she is not naked, it does put the Barbadian entertainer in a pretty pass, so to speak…

In fact, folk are citing her Umbrella video as to when her pictures were hijacked for a possible alteration.

Gimme a break… Be it the performer’s decision or a trick from a European magazine, I can’t wait to learn of her mum’s reaction

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  1. I believe this picture is photoshopped. She stated not to long ago that she would never pose nude. Also i have seen these pics when umbrella first came out and she was wearing a black dress in the one with the water and white dress with back out in the other. SMh this crazy though.

  2. Ian, this is the age of the nude celeb! Have n’t u noticed how they’re all peeling-off their clothes, left, right & centre. I’m sure that these mags paid Ri a hansome sum for the pleasure, and who can blame her! It’s almost enough to make me wish I was a pretty, girl muhself!!!!

    As long as Ri can chortle those vocals again, as beautifully, as she does on ‘Good girl turn bad’, I doan k whaever else she does!!!!

    Lord!!!! 🙂

  3. Photoshopped! lol. You can see the anomalies in the photo as well as the tell tale evidence in the hex. Plus like anon points out the original photos show her clearly clothed. Almost a good job though.

  4. It was proven somewhere that the photos were altered..some clown photoshopped out her clothes. Oh the joys of being a celeb….

  5. Is it that my eyes are going bad? Or are all of her tattoos missing? I have to agree that Photoshop had a big part here.

  6. Looks like photoshop at work. Even if it was real and she did pose nude it’s her body so it’s her choice to do it,not ours. Plus she is of legal age. So now we were made in ‘his’ image and ‘his’ likeness, but quick wear these man made clothes because we are ashamed of what your ‘god’ created.

    Grow up people, women have breast, hips, ass, legs and dare I say a vagina. If you don’t want to see them when they are exposed it will cost you nothing to look the other way and pay it no mind.

  7. Ah wuh like she tuh cum and pose in muh bedroom!

  8. Her nails are a different colour also in the second photo. Were they all taken on one sitting?? Hmmmmmmm

  9. Chaps, I have seen these pics a long time ago…fake or not, rihanna is hottt (like scotch bonnet). For the most recent rhi-rhi pics -> http://www.oh-rihanna.com

  10. A link to the ‘real’ photos that the nude ones were “photoshopped” from.

  11. if they were real i’m sure my favourite anti-rihanna website (wont name them but lets just say they delight in covering her every move) would have picked up on this already.

  12. I believe that these photos are fake. Not only do they not show her tattoos but where is the mole that is in her back. RiRi needs to sue these suckers!!!!

  13. well… remeber her oil siloette in umbrella? she looked kinda nude there too but u didnt see anything. it was tasteful. so were these pics, altho i think their fake all the same. (her tatoos really arent there).

    but if she were to actually do them i would still be a fan. ppl do it all the time these days. shes 20, becoming a woman, working for her own money, she can do whatever she wants.

    btw… ppl acted so stupid when she first came back n was in a whole piece bathing suit n long jeans! i would love to see there reaction to pics like that lol! they say her song umbrella is sexually suggestive in the papers (it’s not – but shut up n drive is :P) they doubted her ability to be a role model so why should she try to be! doubt from an intire country in u being a nice person would cause anybody to rebel. so if she was to actually take pics like that i really wouldnt mind at all

    GO N TAKE THOSE PICS GIRL! i got ur back 🙂

  14. This is horribly Photoshopped. If someone was to do a simple search of FHM magazine & Rihanna, they would see the originals of her CLOTHED in the magazine. So many are doing a horrible job reporting without some simple fact checking.

  15. This is so old now, plus fact-checking implies NYT or CNN this is a News BLOG, like Comedy Central’s Global Report with Jon Stewart – lighten up! Caveats and all have been listed ever since, duh!

  16. This is fake. When I first saw it, I immediately thought that, mainly because Rihanna’s skin is darker and sexier.

    And Germany publishes A LOT of fake things in their newspapers and magazines.


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