Tortured UK Jazz Singer tries to ease troubles in Barbados as she hopes to attend Grammy Awards

It seems Amy Winehouse spent the balance of the 12 days of Xmas here in Barbados, according to Gossip-Girls/Celebrity Gossip, she was seen yesterday at Grantley Adams International –

The Rehab singer is said to have ?flown out last weekend with the hope that friends would join her in time for New Year?s Eve this past Monday.? But, according to reports, Amy was left by her lonesome.

Read the article, it claims she was left solo to stew as she is quite miserable when on booze or drugs. This addiction can abort her US appearance before she even hits a US tarmac.

If you recall, she is currently in a legal spat with Norway – she hit a spliff with then BF now hub and Oslo cops said she has a choice…

Sign a document you were naughty and go forth and sin no more, or spend a long time in Norwegian courts duking it out to establish innocence or guilt.

But it seems what she did not understand is that by signing the confession this gets posted WORLDWIDE and that could screw up her chances in going to the US for the Grammys as American Immigration denies ppl who have a criminal record even down to herb!

That’s a bitch, since she got eight nominations!

Why do ppl love to hate her? Human Nature sometimes creates a paradox where a creative personality can have a nasty temper or attitude yet deliver the most profound melodies or stunning panoramas or exquisite photography. Yet most folk wish to think that if you have one attribute, then you must possess the corresponding persona – woe betide, if you don’t!

I chose ever since to get beyond that, for her music is rather phenomenal considering she is yet to see 25 (her songs may become even more valuable, as in the way she treats herself, it seems amazing if she’ll reach 30), she has the honeyed tones of a Shirley Bassey, the angst of Billie Holiday and the lyrical pathos of Jacques Brel.

Played out by the band
Love is a losing hand
More than I could stand
Love is a losing hand

Self professed, profound
’til the lips were down
Though you’re a gambling man
Love is a losing hand…

Over futile odds
and laughed at by the gods
and now the final frame
Love is a losing game.

Wow, what existential solitude – “Love Is A Losing Game” from Amy’s “Back To Black” which has slight subtle instances of cussing but none that should make a true discretionary consumer be put off from their purchase.

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