Top Auction at Lancaster Great House – Simon Cowell bids on play & dinner to assist Animal Charity

I learned about this through Corrie Scott’s art-blog and e-mailed for permission to not just attend but snap some pix. I doubted many would be going so soon after Xmas & New year’s but they chose a smart drawing card – the bane of X-Factor & American Idol, Simon Cowell, who supports the Hope Sanctuary on a regular basis.

The place was soon thronged with the likes of Charles Leacock Director Of Public Prosecutions; Peter Odle owner of Mango Bay and president of the C’bean Hotel Association; Lisa Cole of SOJE-Lonsdale Advertising with hubby & popular shutterbug Bob Kiss while Roger Chubb, an ex-Sotheby’s man ran the auction and Virginia Trieloff not only had canvasses and prints for sale but would assist where possible!

The other folk were quiet yet wealthy crew from Sandy Lane. Believe me, the auction was all in US currency and they bid with their thousands like I might for Dippers & Grantleys if I won Mega Six!

In addition to auction items, there were articles for sale such as Kashmir silk rugs and Afghan wool Khelims or carpets as it is known for the rest of us mere mortals, no magic flying carpets as they would transgress current standards of the No Fly Zone in various parts of the Middle East right now, lol! Plus bags from Salvatore Ferragamo, portraits from Corrie Scott and other artists tackling topics like St John’s Church.

This in itself was intriguing as one UK bidder spoke with me and was mentioning how she’s tired of seeing what she calls “three ducks on a wall” or very safe topics, and she hopes that Barbadian artists would look more at societal ills as fodder for their canvasses, then Bajan art would be just “cracking” to use her description.

There were 13 items for bidding, yet the numbering went from 7, to 7-A then 8, etc. as it was considered bad luck! As Simon arrived, then there was bidding opened for a special dog-lead & collar designed by Simon Foster, which was snapped up at 450-U$!

There was also a Harry Potter movie prop, which even though you bought it, you had to sign a contract ensuring how you use it! Plus, Disney memorabilia…

When Simon actually arrived, there was no official Press as such (myself included, remember, I am not at CBC in any official capacity now, any work with them now is freelance as I am at the SSA) nevertheless there was a flurry of flashes going off like if a team got on the field in a Soccer match of for the Super Bowl.

Simon refused to back down in bidding on tickets for two at the Donmar Warehouse where Iago from Othello is given a new interpretation by Ewan McGregor while Chiwetel Ejiofor is the man for the title role. In addition, the couple attending also got dinner at the Ivy restaurant in London.

Simon Cowell kept nodding his head in assent for each raising of the bid to snap up this play & dine opportunity until he won his bid with six grand in American sawbucks! He didn’t even flinch… But the real bidding was for the James Bond premiere and a VIP after-party, that went for just under eleven-thousand U.S.

When I actually got close to the man in demand I not only shared we have the same birthday but asked with his well-known exacting and demanding standards, what makes him keep returning to Barbados?

He says that Barbados for him is like England with sunshine and a next version of Surrey by the sea.

The money raised that night was to assist the Hope Sanctuary‘s neutering van in travelling across the island to offer free or reduced-cost spaying or castrating of dogs. The sanctuary is looking at planning an itinerary later this year and also hoping to move operations to include cats as well.

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  1. Hi Ian, Been meaning to pay more attention to your blog but been so busy at BFP and BU. Like ur blog & hope to return soon!!!!

    U rich boys always seek each other out, don’t u!!!!

    Many congrats!!!! 🙂

    P.S. If u wonder why u don’t have more members could b because of the tortuous, signing-up process!!!!

    What’s that all about?

  2. Bimbro,

    Thanks for stopping by – But what membership? If you mean comments, I moderate all to avoid the confusion BFP has to endure…

    As for us “rich boys” I wish that were true then I could retire NOW!

  3. I am interested in your comments Cowell said to you that barbados is just like England i.e. Surrey on the Sea.

    If you have read any of our work (Tataka Yotanka with Angela Cole) you will know we have written al lot about the origins and development of the Gold Coast.

    If you are a serious writer and journalist ( i have no reason to suspect otherwise) there is a big market here in England and Barbados

    Tony Blair , Cliff Richards, Michael Tabor etc, there is great interest world wide as to why they are in Barbados and in the proper explaination, not a blog, a good book will sell.

    Tell me what you think.

  4. Hi Airbourne, I had to sign-up, that’s what I mean! Labourious process. Anyway, if ur not bothered, then no problem, however, u should remember that ‘the customer’s always right’!!!!

    How’re u enjoying Bim???? U know it better than I do, now!!!

    Excited about the election????

    Tell Simon he missed an excellent opportunity when he did n’t reply re: my ‘golden boy’ in London!

    Anyhow, I know he’s many more interests, but, my chap, is very much better looking than Riordhan! He knows who that is!!!!

    Look forward to your many other musings, in future!!!!

    Stick close to Simon & u’ll soon make it, Ian, but don’t tell him I said so!!!! 🙂

    What do u do for a living? Anything really exciting like accountancy, perhaps????

  5. Ian, just read your Bio! Is there anything u have n’t done????

    You must arrange to meet, Stelios, when he pops-into Bim. Spitting-image of u plus, he’s loaded!!!! (with money!!!!)

    I’ll tell u who he is if u don’t know!!!!

  6. Ok, one at a time…


    I have heard of Boys In The Band and Angela’s other theories, etc. But my News-Blog is not really a political diatribe, as for why Brits come here I think you need to read this article I wrote back in November, that pretty much sums up why many UK folk are here – not all are bad, as I may have said before


    If you chose the Anonymous option then you could just make a comment immediately – or if you have an Open-ID (whatever that is )!

    As for me, I used to Anchor the CBC News and for the last two years I have been P. R. O. at the Sanitation Service Authority, better pay, more perks and lessened stress for the most part…

  7. Stelios? This is like De Savary or Branson? Never herd of him, but saw a guy who looked similar at same event – maybe it was him…

  8. Hi Ian, Stelios is the ex-owner of ‘Easy Jet’ airline plus a similar holiday, shipping line which tours the caribbean, among other places. Of a Greek/English background, as far as I know!!! Main point is that he’s loaded & could b a useful contact!

    If you make contact with Simon again, don’t forget to mention my assertion. Know a wonder, would-be, Pop-boy/man but, need somebody who knows the business!

    Replied to ur article re:Brit/Bajans buying up the west coast!!!! That gives me an idea……..:)

  9. First of all we dont write diatrites. Ive worked for four newspapers, know all the editors of the nation and advocate, have interviewed QCs, former commissioners of police, but my mother lived most of her young life in St Tropez and the Jersey isles, stood at the Paris Ritz, had friends among the British aristocrasy, like David Frost’s current wife the Duchess of Norfolk, or janet Kydd, not aristocracy but the tychoon Beaverbrook’s daughter, i mean Carlton Brathwaite my mom’s partner for years is always with Branson when he is in barbados. And in fact your dad and my mom used to talk alot, but i know they would disagree, but he used to tell her stories about Prince Charles and i respect your father, and the reputation he built for himself, and i think he actually told my mom about Michael Tabor.

    So i am not ranting Ian, good god, just asking how seriously do you take the idea of collaborative writing, you were a bit older than me in school, i mean no disrespect, but i suppose i have your answer.

    And i do not think that all expats are bad, i do write with the point of view that the same way barbadians wanted to protect the beaches they have a right to tell the IMF that want to plan the sell out of St James, in a way that the benefits are more than trickle down.

    (I think the land is actually being sold too cheaply now)

    And the expat community is more deeply integrated with the heart of the community, because they are the Barbadians of the future too and they are an asset to the country

  10. It is true that we are England with sunshine-in my mind this is getting to be a bad thing as we don’t have pounds to spend on houses in Sandy Lane! If thousands of dollars can be spent to neuter cats/dogs, can’t it be put towards some sort of charity befitting PEOPLE? Humans never fail to amaze me…

  11. You speak volumes of Barbadian Society – if we can’t be bothered to show compassion for animals then why pretend we care for humans? It has to start somewhere! Compassion for creatures is better than nothing – eventually Barbados can build on this, instead of listening to WII-FM: What’s In It For Me

  12. Wow, again I’ve gone past being amazed. Having lived in England and known the motivations of people like this who see our island as a little playground for themselves, it’s absolutely sensible to acknowledge that they would rather give thousands of dollars to a STRAY CAT/DOG than a homeless Bajan person. End of!

  13. If you go back to the 6th comment listed you’ll see I posted some links for opposing articles on Brit guests here – bear in mind as I said in late November ’07 that not all UK ppl who come here are the offspring of Darth Vader!

    As for throwing good money after bad in pouring it directly to a paro or drug addict that is so stupid that I will answer it with this anecdote…

    A bartending friend of mine says how he finished a late shift one evening by wrapping up at Baxter’s Rd (either Enid’s or Pink Star), he was waiting for a BBQ chkn to take home and a paro asked him if he’d BUY a liver cutter ( that’s a sandwich with chkn livers) and a Pine Hill boxed juice…

    The bartender was surprised the fellow en’t beg for money and took pity, got him the stuff and continued to wait, he gets the fowl and walks outside to see the same beggar SELLING the goods to another paro for FIVE dollars when he spent $7.50 – he said he will NEVER give another beggar anything AGAIN! I can’t blame him!!

    If you so worried about the paros, instead of hopping between here and UK, send the money to the homeless and help us kill them off as they will use that dough to commit suicide on crack or other deadlier s**t, ok?

    At least when the Brit expats spend it on animals they know where their investment is, capisce?

  14. Don’t know why I’m wasting yet more time in front of a computer screen but here goes…
    I had actually read those articles before. The violence, etc. is quite bad in England. If the country was so great, expats would not be scattered to the 4 winds. The favorite pastime of the English is talking of how their country is/has gone down the drain.
    I was a bit shocked by the ‘New South’ article, but it’s not THAT suprising when you think about it. After all, from small I’ve heard my white BAJAN friends express the same sentiments as that woman.
    PS I’m not actually that concerned about the paros but hey, at least I don’t go to the extent of the people who say ‘I’ll give you a dollar if you jump in the Careenage/take off your clothes and run up and down the street’ And then laugh hard when the person actually does it. True story.

  15. wOW GOLD, nice blog. its worth reading. I liked it very much


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