There will be no fogging on Monday, January 21 – Errol Barrow Day, a public holiday.

There’ll be more fogging from Tuesday, January 22, in St. Michael when a number of areas will be visited by the team from the Vector Control Unit.

The areas to be visited are: Highgate Park, Highgate Gardens, Upper Collymore Rock, Villa Road, Rollock Park, Beales Gap, Warners Road, Burkes Land, Burkes Road, Eversley Road, Liverpool Road, Manchester Road, London Road, Brittons New Road, Radcliffe Gardens, Reece Road, Brittons Park, Laynes Road, Fordes Road, Hillbury Road, Knights Road, Cummins Road, Scotts Gap, Collymore Rock, Brittons + Road, McClean Gap, Weir Gap, Perkins Gap, Valerie Land, Millyard Road, Brittons New Road and its environs.

On Wednesday, January 23, the team will fog up St. Philip – specifically; Halton Development, Chapel Land, Cox Hill, Webb Hill, Church Village, Church Village Housing Area and surrounding areas.

Then, a number of districts in St James will get a good fogging on Thursday, January 24 – Rock Dundo, Upper Carlton, Westmoreland, Sion Hill and its environs.

Fogging climaxes on Friday, January 25, in areas that abut and bound St. Michael and St. James. These will include: Husbands Crescent, Husbands New Development, Airlie Tenantry, Hinds Hill, West Road, Reservoir Road, Clerpark, Clerview, Clermont, Warrens Park South and its environs.

All fogging runs from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and householders are asked to assist in the elimination of the deadly aedes aegypti mosquito by opening windows and doors to allow the fog to penetrate.

Persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog while pedestrians and motorists must proceed with caution when encountering fogging operations on the street.

Parents are instructed to prohibit children from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.
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  1. Are you aware of what circumstances (upsurge in mosquito breeding, increased cases of Dengue Fever, precautionary measures, whatever) that might have necessitated this round of fogging?


  2. As far as I know, it’s because of heavier rains at this time, an annual event

  3. Thanks Airbourne. It is just that I am keeping a close eye on Dengue in the region so when I read your blog post, I became curious as to what is happening in Barbados right now.


  4. We were fogged this week in St Elizabeth Village, well the woods were…………all the houses on our side of the road were’nt because of the wind, and when we asked for them to bring the hose to fog under the house we were told they couldn’t do that (they did last time….)


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