With the promise of Millions of dollars worth of cash and prizes to be won, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has been able to attract the best dancehall talent in the country and has proved its legitimacy as dancehall’s premier talent show.

The first airing of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall took place in Jamaica on Saturday January 6th 2008. One of the peculiarities of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall which came out at the auditions in Savanna-Lamar was the quantity of quality contestants. There was a diverse set, with acts ranging from comedy to hardcore dancehall. But the question arises, what draws such diverse talent to the show.

The fact is, the chance of becoming dancehall’s King and Queen in addition to winning over half a million dollars is a great pull. The ultimate King & Queen of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall will receive half a million dollars each as well as a video and production of a single. These prizes outmatch any previous dancehall competition ever done in the world and are aimed at equipping the winners with the necessary tools to crown themselves superstars while providing them with the resources to advance on the dancehall stage.

The prizes given to the winners of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall are substantial and offers the winner the opportunity to have a successful career in the industry of Dancehall both locally and internationally,” Gary Dixon, Jamaica’s Brand Manager of Magnum Tonic Wine noted, “These prizes are all great tools to kick start the next Beenie Man or Sean Paul. We will be giving the winners the opportunity and support to become real kings and queens.”

Another set of prizes offered by the competition cannot be relegated to a dollar figure. Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall has invested a large portion of money to ensure that all contestants are afforded the help they need to improve their talent. Throughout the run of the competition all princes and princesses who make it to the television finals get the opportunity to tap into world class advice and guidance from members of the dancehall aristocracy who know what it takes to bus new talent.

The contestants are also on a weekly basis exposed to the experience of veteran producer Cordel ‘Scatta‘ Burrell, dancehall personality Ms Kitty and renowned dancehall artiste General Degree. That knowledge and expertise these judges have is invaluable and cannot be quantified.

Boasting such a wide rage of prizes and valuable expertise, Jamaica’s Magnum Kings & Queens of the Dancehall is poised to bring to the fore the best talent in Dancehall and crown dancehall’s true king and queen.
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  1. i was watching the program online the other day and that young lady aka lady bling stands a very good chance of winning. baby girl got it

  2. Your voting system is messed up because the programs we are watching in Antigua is not the one ur seeing in jamaica so when we’re voting for one person the other person with that number is getting the votes big example lady bling had telephone number 876-444-7702 i was voting for lady bling not knowing i was voting for kamelon know when i started voting for lady bling again i found out she’s no longer on the program if their gonna broadcast it world wide it should be at the same time lady bling deserves to be on that show….

  3. To our Antiguan friend who has problems texting – did you contact either Digicel Headquarters or even your own branch to see if there was a problem? I only relay their press releases and as such, it’s not MY programme, but I appreciate the compliment, LOL!

  4. well i had the same problem i was voting for my cousin not knowing i was voting for someone else some should report this matter to the producers of magnum kings and queens of dancehall and there’s no way kamelon should have won votes over lady bling she is way better, and that business for the future of their program…. they should try to get her back on the show she had a good lyrical content….


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