As Barbadians make a momentous decision – afterwards you can try a different way to pause and reflect? Ask Madonna!

Louise Veronica Ciccone (
when she got married to Guy Ritchie, she had Kabbalah designs placed on her wrist, her video “Frozen” is said to be based on Kabbalistic principles) is just as much a spokesperson for Kabbalah as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is a mouthpiece for Scientology, however Kabbalah now has a Barbadian voice who approached this News Blog in an effort to be heard. As many Bajans made a careful decision today as to who will guide them for the next five years, you can also take a moment and look at a different method to spiritually review just what took place –

This year for the first time Barbadians will have the opportunity to study the Universal Kabbalah. This is a system for expanding conscious awareness and accelerating our growth and understanding of the God Essence within ourselves. The Universal Kabbalah awakens in us, our unique gifts and talents and helps us to put them to the best use for the service of humanity.

The word Kabbalah is Hebrew and means ?to receive? or ?that which is received?, it refers to the tradition of mystical learning that is passed from teacher to pupil. While the word may be unfamiliar to many, the teachings of the Universal Kabbalah are in fact quite ancient predating religion. In the past this teaching was the exclusive domain of the leaders of society and the privileged few. Now it is available to all Barbadians who seek it.

Studying the Universal Kabbalah helps persons develop a deeper understanding of him or her-self. Their belief is if we all use our minds more efficiently and effectively, then it reduces the impact of the negative ego and those things within that keep us from living our best life ever.

?Many persons go through life without taking the time to look within, some may even be afraid to look within, but we now have the tools and the experience to do this type of self examination, which can help us overcome the negativity in our lives at all levels?, noted Mrs. Simmons, Class Coordinator for the Universal Kabbalah.

Barbados will be the first country in the Caribbean to host this class. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the Universal Kabbalah at one of our information briefing sessions on January 17, 24, 26 or 31 at Chelsea Road, St. Michael. For further information contact M. Simmons at 826-7215

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