“Arts Happenings In Barbados” suggests a new Barbadian blog for scrutiny – judge for yourself!

Corrie Scott who is a guru on multitasking, found time to discover a new blog from a Bajan, and this is her view on it –

Interesting, humorous and erudite, and feels like Ingrid is sitting in my living room telling me a story. I look forward to more…

Here is a sample of “Notes From a Small Rock” –

…I have to admit election fever is infectious. Take last Thursday night. A constituent at our local Bees meeting claimed the panty ?tariff? was currently about 84% while that for boxer shorts was only 10%. Indeed she and her daughter went into Bridgetown and $200 later had bought a couple bras but ?we eh get no panty yet?. She added that, ?jus’ cause de PM and Clyde Mascoll [a Minister] doh wear panty, doh mean dis ain?t ah serious problem?. Not a single candidate has come forward as a panty man.

My pal J. and I are thinking of forming the ?zero-rating panty? movement. J. is also threatening to cast her vote for the People?s Democratic Congress. They are fielding a team of two candidates. For thirty seats. Both Rastas have promised that the PDC will abolish all taxes, as ?dey is an abomination to Jah?. I guess it would work something along the lines of, when meh say de Highway 1 ah need fixing, or the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ah need fuh overhauling, Jah go provide. These brothers give those of us who inhale really bad press.

Election fever is not just in the meetings. It is on the TV, radio and Internet. A few nights ago I sat on my front porch and listened to a whole Dem meeting that was taking place half a mile away. I heard every word as if I were in front of the speakers. The radio stations are playing party jingles 24/7. In the UK the jingle would be some boring voice over to music. On this rock, we know how to rock.

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