U P D A T E – Extension on Contest, Prizes added & Rules simplified

I am extending the deadline for the Year-End Quiz to January 6th 2008, folks have quarrelled over copying and pasting links, okay – screw that… Just gimme the answers, okay? It is easy, I have guided you where to look – even included my categories now at the side, so just give the closest answer and e-mail it, no comments as those are not going on, it would ruin your chances, eh? Look for My Profile and you found the e-mail address! YOU GO THRU THE WHOLE BLOG TO FIND THE ANSWERS, but it is not that hard, as clues have been provided as to where to look!

I am adding two cd’s for the first correct contestant (Once again – YOU GO THRU THE WHOLE BLOG TO FIND THE ANSWERS, but it is not that hard, as clues have been provided as to where to look!) – Shane Forrester (yes, that one – YOU tell me how you feel on hearing it) and a disc from Fitzroy! So, three disks – Kite (autographed), Shane Forrester (if he talks to me, will try that too) and Fitzroy (for sure) plus an autographed first edition of Bazaar! So. Let’s repeat now…

  1. Where in Barbados costs 33,000 pounds sterling PER WEEK just to rent? [January]
  2. Who invented the phrase “…the bigger they are the harder they fall“? [February]
  3. Which two famous track & field stars said “I Do“? [February]
  4. Bloggers are an important basis for stories at the BBC, who from the Beeb e-mailed and called me from the UK on the Cricket World Cup? [March]
  5. In April, a Reverend posed a theory at an educational institute of previous esteemed renown – the cleric accused C’bean women of having a sexual obsession… What was the object and its description {Ed’s Note – That’s his theory}?
  6. What qualification does the UK’s Home Office want an ex-WI Cricketer to have so he can continue teaching and raise his family of 29 years? [May]
  7. When you review June’s entries, who do you realise is NOT nominated in the 2008 Barbados Music Awards?
  8. In July, The News Blog reached a Milestone and dealt with a semi-hot issue – what number was that post and what was the topic?
  9. In August, for my own legal safety (despite evidence I still possess) I had to remove a topic with 15 comments – which businessplace was under scrutiny?
  10. Two hot topics in September, one involved cages and the other a death – what/who were they?
  11. In October, there were two book reviews – were either about a Barbadian author, if so – what was their name?
  12. In November, what animal was memorialised and medalled from WW II? What was their name?
  13. The Limelight Cafe, Fitzroy, David Pilgrim, Kite and Billy Kincaid have made regular appearances on this News-Blog, but in December who is Miss Fenty and why was she linked to Leonard Cohen?
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