Private Beach on Barbadian West Coast? According to online edition of Country Life

Gabby wrote a song about the possibility of limiting access to beaches that was a hit back in 1982 and the refrain was “Dah beach is mine, Ah could bathe anytime!” Huh, that was then and this is NOW, buddy! You visit the Brit website, Country Life?

Milord and Colina Del Mar, in Fitts Village near St James, are both in a very desirable area just 3 miles from Holetown and its restaurants and shops, but their most appealing characteristic is its private beachfront access. Space on the beach in this area in Barbados comes at a premium, and this property is certainly set to be popular with those looking for a holiday home, or a primary residence in the Caribbean.

I understand why many UK folk want to come here, but I could have sworn Barbadian beaches are public, then again that is just me – I don’t know. Somewhere along the way, I think, both Jack and Gabby must be in a rumshop with the Biblical Esau, comparing messes of pottage – is this right? What can be done?

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  1. Maybe it the access that is private and not the beach.

  2. Is not limiting access against Govt’s tenets on windows to the beach? Research Mullins Bay and protest action not so long ago

  3. I read this as “private access” not a private beach. Some properties may be constructed such that access from the road is not possible, but that should not be construed as making the beach private. The law as far as I am aware, grants title to the high water mark, thereby making anything beyond (on the sea side) public.

  4. are you saying that if someone has a property on the beach then they can not have a gate that open on to the beach? that would constitute a private access.

  5. What about Brit Eddie Fearless who recently had to remove a gate?

    “Dah Beach is MINE, I gonna bathe anytime!” is what Gabby’s song said…

    As far as I know, all access to beaches are PUBLIC apart from the beach itself, you cannot do one and not the other.

    Mind you, the way we are selling land, and with the cost of living the way it is? Sooner or later, Barbados may have not even one but 2 or THREE private beaches – Hell will brek loose then!

  6. I think you are wrong there… or at least we have different ideas about what is meant by access.

    Bajans must have access to all beaches.

    To then say that because you have an access to beach on your land that all and sundry can waltz across your private property to access the beach defies reason.

    I support the principle of public beaches.. and I don think that it is inevitable that some beaches will become privatized… the only things that are inevitable are death and taxes :P.

  7. CountryLife said they mean it to be private access to the beach. I’m pretty sure that if you own beach front property, you certainly can have a gate to close off your land/home from people on the beach. There are any number of houses I’m familiar with on the beachs in Barbados that have a gate from their land to the beach. It’s not road access but land access, meaning the house sits on a piece of land and there is a yard and a gate. People can’t walk through your land to get to the sea unless you allow it. I’m sure there is a Public Access spot somewhere close to these locations.


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