Government Employee & Barbadian Blogger victimised by Partisan Politricks – Image used w/o Permission

More often than not, I carry a Disclaimer, semi-humorous but equally semi-true… I have sought to keep local Politricks from this Blog except when it may personally encroach me! With elections due by middle of next month/year, and the following is a means of propaganda unwittingly and unwillingly involving me then this too is an encroachment!

The last time I stated I was not satisfied with the representational powers of a certain MP in my district, now I find myself enlisted for partisan chicanery without being asked! I was looking on youtube to see what new Bajan material there is, and lo & behold…

Maubymouts on youtube have done a video where it appears I am supporting the ruling party as the 4th day of Xmas. I was pissed, although I know this image is on Hi5 & MySpace, ASK ME! It is still my property as such… Here is what I said and they have chosen to ignore (I am surprised the comment is still there, but then so is the video) –

This is Ian Bourne, (246) 266-1866, you have used my image in a political satire without my permission, you have been flagged to YouTube for abuse of personal copyright, my suggestion is that you edit this video IMMEDIATELY. I am in no way affiliated to one party or another and do not appreciate the copying of my appearance without notification, far less financial compensation. Remove ASAP!

I have flagged the video as inappropriate, but the more the merrier – I need your help folks, the point of this News Blog is to politicise ABROAD, I am far too well aware that local politicking is very thin-skinned and vindictive, so let’s get that crap off… I’d be glad if the video above gets obsolete or deleted!

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