Descendants of last Native American uprising declare intent to break away from USA

Descendants of last Native American uprising declare intent to break away from USA

Sitting Bull’s tribe declares independence

Descendants of the American Indian chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse yesterday declared their independence from the United States, announcing they were withdrawing from treaties signed with the federal government 150 years ago.

The Lakota Indians, whose territory includes parts of Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, sent a delegation to the State Department in Washington to deliver the news.

We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us“.

{Ed’s NoteThey were originally called the Sioux then Dakota, their correct name is Lakota with anL“; our thanks to Amerindian activist, Damon Corrie for the heads up, pity it came during my Christmas break}

We salute these brave Lakota – yet I cannot help but shudder thinking they have chosen to do this act under a presidency known for not shying away from using force to underscore their viewpoint!

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6 responses to “Descendants of last Native American uprising declare intent to break away from USA”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I support 100% this progressive move by the Lakotas to emancipate themselves from the Neo-colonisation they have endured for over 150 years (516 years in the case of my own people who were unfortunate enough to be the first ones overrun by Western ‘Civilization’ in 1492).

    Any open-minded person would agree that all peoples have an equal and undeniable right to live in freedom, but too many do not see that Amerindian peoples (with the exception of Bolivia today)are forced to live under imitation European Neo-Colonial governments illegally imposed upon them – in their own lands and territories!
    I am sure I am not the only one who can see the cruel irony in the fact that Africans and Indians (for example) were brought to the Caribbean to live on Amerindian territories (Trinidad, St. Vincent and Dominica for example – as Caribbean places with still existing populations of Amerindian peoples) – and these peoples have achieved Independence from the former European colonialists, then turned around and put on the former masters mindset and attire and still deny the Amerindian populations they found in those countries of THEIR OWN right to enjoy Independence.
    Is this just or equitable?
    How can those who came after have a right to something those who came first still do not?

    I remember a well know University Professor arguing loudly about the ‘right to freedom’ of his own ethnic group and the great struggles to end colonialism in our region – and I told him I supported his views 100%, then I mentioned the Amerindian peoples in this Hemisphere who are longer-suffering victims of Colonialism AND Neo-Colonialism and I asked if he would likewise support my people’s yearning for freedom and Independence….but he did not, he could not see the double standard in his position that Amerindians should be content to live forever under the rule of non-Amerindian governments just because they were no longer of European extraction.

    I will be the first one to inform you that there are two main factions in every Amerindian society today, the traditionalists (of which I am the main target in Caricom) and the assimilationists, the percentage of support for each camp varies from tribe to tribe and generally you will find that the majority of assimilationists are either of mixed ancestry or are married to non-Amerindians (and very often both), they also prefer to live in urban cities instead of Amerindian communities – tending to return infrequently as visitors or sometimes not at all.
    But most of these people attain high profiles through ‘political pimps’ and will talk volumes of their ‘great love for their Amerindian people’- just looking at them physically you might tend to believe them, but examine their actions and put their words/looks aside – and you will realize that they are what Americans might call ‘uncle Tom’s’; they oppose any move towards independence and freedom by their own people and push a ‘status quo’ agenda.
    The assimilationist camp oppose me at every turn and frequently launch vitriolic attacks against me in the press and I blame the non-investigated murders of two of my traditionalist supports (Eldred Dundas – who was stabbed to death, and Tony Simon – who was shot in the head execution style) on my assimilationist enemies who promised me the same several times,
    but I remain undeterred, I have been having prophetic dreams (the kind that allow you to see an event that will happen to you in your future)since I was a child, many have already come true; and many more are still to occur… so I am merely fulfilling my destiny….one step at a time.
    I was the first person to produce Amerindian ID Cards in Caricom – and have used them to gain entry into many important places in North & South America (World Bank in Washington DC included)and the first to establish a diplomatic Mission for the Arawak Tribal Nation in the USA; and I am proud to admit that I have in the past financed ‘events’ in certain territories to help Amerindians when local security forces refused to help or were themselves the source of the problem; and I will do so again and on ever larger scales as the years go by – in my life’s dedication to see that Amerindians too can one day sit as equal members at the table of humanity we call the United Nations.

    The Conquest initiated by Columbus has not yet ended…and neither has our resistance to it.

    Damon Gerard Corrie

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Being Amerindian (Cherokee) in the U.S.A. is not easy for the past 400 years the United States has tried by lies and deceit to destroy the Cherokee Nation, which is all Cherokees born regardless of what band they belong to.
    According to the many treaties all Amerindian people are of independent sovereign nations. Yet the United States dictates everything within the tribes and who may belong to them. The United States has never stopped committing genocide against the Amerindians within this country. May freedom be for all our people regardless of what band or nation we are citizens of. We were/are the first people of this land. It is time the United Nations stood firm for the rights of the Amerindian and supports us in our freedom. The Lakota have their rights too just as the other nations among the Amerindian do. I stand with you in solidarity, Brothers.

    Chief Walking Bear
    Amonsoquath Band

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I am an Lakota,and I also agree that the conquest by Columbus has not yet ended….Etc… I was refused Medical Assistance cause they said I didnt have a Birth Certificate in which I never had one in my life,as a financial Worker told me in that State of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

  4. robert Avatar

    i wish freedom to amerindian people as much as i can with all my heart…
    can’t wait for day that all the remaining true people of american continent will get their freedom back!

  5. robert Avatar

    yeah and i forgot to say…im european….

  6. Anonynous Avatar

    Cry us a river. The Romans conquered my Celtic and Teutonic (German) ancestors… That is the way of the world. Native Americans warred with each other as much as any European nation. The same is true for the Natives South of the United States. The Aztec. Maya, Incan, and other indigenous tribes fought for territory and power too.

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